Posted by: reformedmusings | March 21, 2013

Good summary of AR-15 history

The Hartford Courant ran a pretty nice summary of the AR-15 in America’s Rifle: Rise Of The AR-15. Mostly factual, though they apparently thought it worth tossing in some red herrings by anti-liberty types. The last line provides a tidy wrap-up from a retired police detective:

“Semi-automatics have been around since the turn of the 19th century,” said Gary Lenk, the retired West Hartford detective. The AR-15, he said, “is an extremely competent package, and when people find something that works well, they tend to gravitate toward it.

“Nothing evil — it’s just a firearm that works.”

Bingo! Two-and-a-half million AR-15s hurt no one today. Or yesterday. Or ever. It’s not the millions of rifles or their magazines, but the few violent psychopaths that need controlling.


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