Posted by: reformedmusings | March 16, 2013

Canadian gun registration led to gun confiscation

Here’s an excellent warning from our friends in the Great White North:

As Brian Lilley mentioned, Canada repealed its gun registration system last year. Why? Because experience showed the lies.

1) Gun grabbers claimed that registration would not lead to confiscation, but as Lilley points out, registration led directly to confiscation. That’s the universal report from world history.

2) Gun grabbers claimed that the whole program would cost less than $2M. In truth, the annual cost ran upwards of $65M – over 30 times higher than claimed. Not only that, but it cost well over $2B to set up the system.

3) Gun grabbers claimed that the universal long-gun registration would reduce crime. In fact, it had no effect on crime. Not a single crime was solved using the database in the decade of its existence.

Worse yet, the law made ordinary citizens instant felons, much like New York’s abomination. There’s much more to the lies, including allegations of corruption with one government agency using a lobby firm to lobby other parts of the government.

Like we see here in the US, political Canadian Police Chief associations supported the gun grabbing. But in the end, something like 92% of Canadian law enforcement on the street believed that the registration/confiscation scheme was ineffective and should be ended. After pouring about $2.7 billion dollars down the toilet (remember the $2M promise?) to demonize law-abiding Canadian citizens, confiscate many of their long-guns, and provide zero benefit of any kind, the Canadian politicians finally pulled the plug.

Yet, this is the road that King Obama, Feinstein, Bloomberg, and their ilk want the US to travel.

We need to learn from others’ disastrous mistakes. We must keep our guns and our freedom. King Obama can keep the change.




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