Posted by: reformedmusings | February 24, 2013

The Gun Culture Defined

This is a pretty good explanation:

I like the way that he highlights the hypocrisy of a government that keeps guns for themselves that it demonizes as having the sole purpose of killing as many people as possible in the shortest time. If that were true, why would the police or homeland security need them? Homeland security calls them personal defense weapons when they buy them, but assault weapons when citizens own them. And what about all the ammunition that homeland security is stockpiling? That duplicity should make your skin crawl.


Lesson learned? We’ll see.



  1. Great movie!

    P.S. Did you get the email I sent you with the new version of my Android app?

    • I did, and I installed it, but haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. Things have been beyond crazy here.

      • That’s fine. When you get to it could you email me? I’d like to ask you some questions about it. 🙂

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