Posted by: reformedmusings | February 18, 2013

Hope for America – mentoring young leaders

We face dark times here in the United States these days. Our debt is measured in trillions of dollars and continues to grow at a prodigious rate. Our government punishes and thus disincentivizes achievement. It created “protected classes” that assigns greater value to individuals based on race and other characteristics or lifestyle choices. It is attempting to disarm the “little people” to the point where tyranny may prosper where once freedom reigned. This is all being done in the name of “the children” who will suffer the most from all these policies.

But the battle is not over yet. Men and women of vision and determination still fight. One such luminary is Dr. Benjamin Carson, MD, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital. Here’s his awesomely insightful speech at the National Prayer Breakfast this year. It’s about 30 minutes and worth every second of your time:

I recently witnessed the success of the strategy that Dr. Carson lays out for raising future leaders. I attended an Eagle Scout Court of Honor this past weekend. As many know, Eagle Scout is the top rank in Scouting and requires many years of dedicated effort to attain. It takes the support of family, friends, and the community.

The ceremony I attended was the first for this particular Scout troop, but not for the family. The new Eagle Scout is the second in his family, the first being his older brother. The brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Xi Alpha Lambda Chapter, partnered with Bethlehem Baptist Church to create and support Troop 1906. These accomplished men grow young leaders through personally investing themselves in the lives of young men. And they attended this ceremony in number. The fact that Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., founded in 1906 is not a coincidence.

Dr. Vince W. Patton, III, Ed.D, Vice President, Homeland Security Programs, AFCEA International, delivered the inspiring keynote address. Dr. Patton served as the eighth Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, earning the Distinguished Service Medal amongst others. Dr. Patton is also an Eagle Scout and member of the Order of the Arrow.

Also motivating and honoring the new Eagle Scout’s was William T. Fountroy, Jr., documented original Tuskegee Airman from Class 45-1. A model patriot, Mr. Fountroy signed up to fly in WWII before he even finished high school. After being “surplussed” (his word) by the military after the war ended, he went on to finish high school and earn a degree in Civil Engineer. He was the first black engineer hired by the fledgling D.C. Metro system, then designed and coordinated the bulk of the system in D.C. itself. I had the honor of sitting and chatting with Mr. Fountroy for something like 45 minutes after the ceremony, and delighted in his life story, personal humility, and his continued zeal to motivate and help young people to succeed, especially in science and aviation.

This Court of Honor represented what makes and keeps America great and why there is still hope: Parents, that’s mothers and fathers together, fully invested in their children, motivating and encouraging them to achieve. Career men investing in the next generation of leaders with their time and treasure. The recognition and praise of personal achievement, team work, and community service. People helping people, exercising leadership, and building communities one child at a time.

This is what will preserve the America dream: Leaders taking and teaching personal responsibility, hard work, and achievement; not governments enslaving by punishing achievement while rewarding and incentivizing the destruction of families, bad choices, and failure.


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