Posted by: reformedmusings | February 15, 2013

Guns are not defensive weapons – REALLY???

As if we hadn’t heard the epitome of stupidity until now, Emeryville, CA (on the San Fransisco Bay – go figure!), Police Chief Ken James now says that the idea of guns as defensive weapons was a myth!

REALLY??? The funniest part of the video is where the chief says that guns are offensive weapons of intimidation to display power and that the police carry guns…to intimidate the little people with their power? It looks like he started to say something like that, but changes his mind just before the words come out of his mouth and says that the cops carry guns to carry out their jobs safely. What a hoot!

If that’s not bad enough, he explanation of the police use of guns is the very definition of defensive use. Then he says that he’s not trying to take guns from legal owners, but why would he not if guns are only offensive weapons for intimidation and to project power? The chief seriously needs to lay off the medical marijuana.

As usual, Colion Noir is the man on the spot:

Well said! Perhaps the chief missed this one:

A firearm is the great equalizer

A firearm is the great equalizer

I pity the officers that have to work for that clown.



  1. Wow, how can people keep being so stupid to elect officials that believe this crap. Who is there right might would say that. Crazy isn’t it. I wish people would grow a pair and vote these government communists out before they ruin this great nation, wait they already have. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for stopping by and posting. Sadly, there are too many Ken Jameses around and the little people are too comfortable to care until they are victimized. Taking personal responsibility is fast becoming passe in our entitlement culture.

      • Thanks and keep the content coming.

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