Posted by: reformedmusings | February 11, 2013

Police detective argues for concealed carry

Fear. That’s what retired Detective Robert R. Surgenor, Sr., says that violent, predatory criminals lack a fear of their victims and law enforcement. But predators should and could fear if enough citizens were armed and ready at all times to fight back.

Warning: The beginning and end of the video feature actual 911 recordings. The first involves an elderly woman being murdered while on the phone with 911 dispatch. The last has a more favorable outcome for the intended elderly victims. Note the difference in outcome and the reason. continues to gather incidents in which armed citizens defend themselves with firearms, including semi-automatic rifles with normal-capacity magazines.

Answer this question in your heart of hearts: If one, two, four, whatever number of violent predators attack you and your family (wife, husband, children), either in your house or on the street, what would you do? Beg for you life or run and hide while your wife and/or daughter is raped and murdered? Call 911 to tell the police where to clean up the mess after the attack is over? Remember that according to the Supreme Court, the police have no obligation to protect you in any way. Legally and practically, it’s just you and the bad guys to sort it out.

Assuming that you survive, how will you live with yourself knowing that you didn’t prepare. You didn’t think that it could happen to you, but like so many others, you were wrong. You literally did nothing useful to protect your family.

So, what will you do? May I suggest along with Det. (retired) Surgenor that you arm yourself, get training, and obtain a concealed carry permit. Like fire extinguishers, fire insurance, car insurance, first aid kit, and life insurance, you hope that you’ll never need it. But when the stuff hits the fan, you can look at yourself in the mirror when the dust settles and know that you took positive action to protect your loved ones. What will YOU do?

Speaking from my own past experience, this is my approach:



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