Posted by: reformedmusings | January 16, 2013

Gun confiscation in America – a history lesson

While Feinstein want’s Mr. and Mrs. America to turn in their guns:

That was tried at least once before in the US. Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership recounts the last attempt that I could discover. Does Wounded Knee ring a bell?

See if this doesn’t sound like a Janet Napolitano Homeland Security operation. The US government decided that it didn’t want to live up to its treaties with the Sioux Indians, and the Indians weren’t thrilled with the years of lies. An Indian with a Messiah complex starts a new dance that quickly grows popular with some Sioux. Not taking time to understand the dance, the government decided it meant that the Sioux were going to revolt. To prevent a revolt (that wasn’t going to happen anyway), the government decided to arrest some of the chiefs. But first, they felt that they had to confiscate the Sioux’ guns to ensure they were properly domesticated. They did this against the advice of the local Indian agent:

“As regards disarming the Sioux, however desirable it may appear, I consider it neither advisable, nor practicable. I fear it will result as the theoretical enforcement of prohibition in Kansas, Iowa and Dakota; you will succeed in disarming and keeping disarmed the friendly Indians because you can, and you will not succeed with the mob element because you cannot.”

“If I were again to be an Indian Agent, and had my choice, I would take charge of 10,000 armed Sioux in preference to a like number of disarmed ones; and furthermore agree to handle that number, or the whole Sioux nation, without a white soldier. Respectfully, etc., V.T. McGillycuddy.”

Some Sioux surrendered their firearms, but some did not. As the result of yet another stupid misunderstanding, the Army opened fire on the few remaining armed Sioux and their families.  This resulted in 297 deaths, about 200 of them unarmed women and children who were running from the carnage. About 1/2 of the US Army casualties were fratricide in the unbridled killing free-for-all. The rest, as they say, is history.

Homeland Security and other federal agencies recently purchased 1.2 billion rounds of assorted ammunition. Yep, agencies use a lot of ammo for practice, but these were all duty rounds and the ratios of rounds to badged agents seems way high. No conclusions, just the facts.

When the progressives say that it can’t happen here, you now know for sure that they are lying. If the people are disarmed, the Constitution is only as good as the liars that disarmed them.




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