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Catch up on 2nd Amendment Civil Rights posts

A lot has been well-written in defense of our liberty over the Christmas break. I wanted to point out just a few before the new year rolls in.

Mas Ayoob made two great posts. In Back to Serious Stuff, Mas again links to some great stuff on armed teachers and guards in schools in Israel, including their training. He also links to an article by a liberal on why not to renew the so-called “assault weapon” ban. Good stuff.

Mas also points out that civilians seeking defensive firearms parallel police equipment. Obama talks about military hardware, but in fact, modern sporting rifles are used extensively by police forces. It makes perfect sense that the real first responders, the intended victims, should take clues for their hardware choices from the second responders who generally arrive in time to document the aftermath and draw the white lines around your body.

In Why Good People Need Semi-Automatic Firearms and “High Capacity” Magazines…Part I, Mas explains several reasons for such a need. First, crime victimization by multiple vicious predators. Here in the DC area, mobs of young zombies attack DC subjects on a regular basis, and home invasions are not uncommon, especially in a bucolic nearly gun-free zone. Second, in rural and border areas, the police are possibly 20 minutes or even hours away. A reliable rifle with normal capacity magazines are all the stand between violent predators and raped/murdered citizens. As one rancher says:

All the ranchers I’ve talked to are armed. But they joke that “a 94 [Winchester rifle] is not match for a 47 [an AK 47 carried by drug smugglers]”.

Lastly, we’ve already talked about the LA riot scenario that plays out to some extent after every natural disaster or perceived slight by zombies.


Michel Gurfinkiel over at PJ Media notes in Gun Control: It’s the Software Stupid, Not the Hardware that Obama, Bloomberg, at al, are ignoring underlying social issues. After all, we have tens of thousands of modern sporting rifles and hundreds of thousands of normal-capacity magazines in America. Yet, only a few psychopaths misuse them. Either all that hardware is defective, or the problem isn’t the guns. I’ve already written about America’s failed mental health system, and all the psychopathic mass murderers had known mental health issues. Evans backs this hardware/software reasoning up with international firearm and crime statistics.

Glen Evans at the Church Security Alliance makes a similar point:

This refusal to believe it can happen, to surrender security to technology, and to deny the right of the people to secure their safety in the very places the killers target; knowing the only person who will be armed in these “gun free zones” are the killers, denies the innocent the chance to stop the evil coming against them.

When the best our politicians can put forward is to make more laws that step on our liberties reveals to all of us that they don’t have a clue of what to do.  They are attempting to place a band-aid on a wound so deep and aggregious, that only a tourniquet to stem the bleeding and a complete surgical rebuilding of the soul will mend this sickness.

This isn’t a problem any mere person, leader, or body politic can fix.  As we believe, God is the answer to our societal ills.  He alone can save us from this complete and utter downward spiral, and I urge all of us to pray like we have never prayed before.  I do not believe it is overly dramatic to say that an evil Pandora’s box has been unleashed over the past decade, where the only thing that matters to these twisted, sick, entitled selfish killers is the body count and the shock and awe delivered to the world.

Larry Correia at Monster Hunter Nation wrote An Opinion on Gun Control, an outstanding essay answering a host of anti-freedom arguments. Larry’s essay is long, but one of the best pieces I’ve read covering the entire waterfront of gun control arguments. A must read!

I’ll close with two additional points. First, the real threats are those who would destroy our way of life. These are the primary threats that the founders had in mind when they laid out the 2nd Amendment. Case in point, another progressive child of privilege turned domestic terrorist. Obama and other progressives embraced the Occupy Movement, yet gloss over its dark underbelly of murder, rape, robbery, etc. Like the Korean market owners in the LA riots, law-abiding citizens must be able to defend their families, employees, and property against the zombie hoards. The nanny government has failed to do so in every case.

Second, where does gun control end? Historically, in total confiscation and genocide. That’s Feinstein’s goal – disarm all Americans. Don’t believe the lying media’s sugar coating of “common sense gun control”. There’s no such thing. England shows the absurdity of disarming citizens. Despite their virtual gun-free island, the UK is one of the most violent countries in the world.

Rather than address the underlying societal issues, the UK first banned virtually all guns and even self-defense as a God-given right. I’ve written before about knife control in the UK. Now, British doctors want to ban common kitchen knives! There’s not end to the insanity. Violent predators use knives, hammers, cars, whatever. Shall we ban everything harder or sharper than a nerf ball? That’s where the UK is headed. If we give in to the gun banners, we’ll go the same route.

You want life without guns? Again, we’ve been there, done that. We see it in DC and Chicago where psychopathic zombie hoards prey on the disarmed in gun-free zones. The strong and the mobs rule, with women as the most vulnerable victims. This is the utopia of the gun banners:

Image copyright by Oleg Volk

Image copyright by Oleg Volk

Think about it.


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