Posted by: reformedmusings | December 21, 2012

Accu-strut for your Ruger Mini-14

So, Ruger’s original Mini-14 is a blast to shoot (no pun intended), but it isn’t known for its impressive accuracy out of the box. That’s largely because of its light, thin barrel and resultant barrel whip when firing. The accuracy is fine for tactical purposes, but I like a bit more precision even from my carbines.

I searched the web for a cost-effective solution, and found a few ideas. One could replace the barrel with a heavier one, but that could run a couple of hundred buck plus gunsmithing fees. That’s about what I paid for the rifle decades ago. Or, one could do some customizing with barrel sleeves or rebedding the barrel in the stock.  Again, both expensive operations and difficult to do well without a good gunsmith.

Then I found Accu-strut, which provided an interesting approach. The Accu-strut clamps on the exposed portion of the barrel, providing additional rigidity and mass to the barrel. This, in turn, provides a tighter group. The test results online looked reasonable for the approach. So, for just $95 for the Accu-strut LT, I was in.

The Accu-strut arrived quickly and proved simple to install. If you can screw together clamps with a provided Allen wrenches, you can install the Accu-strut. It took me about 10 minutes or so (didn’t time it exactly) to attach the strut and torque it down. Locktite is included if you encounter slippage of the clamps while shooting, but I found it unnecessary.

Today I had a chance to run 100 rounds (loaded in evil 20-round magazines, but somehow no one was hurt; they must have been defective) through my modified Mini-14 to test out the results. I am pleased. Rather than the rounds being scattered a bit around the target, they grouped well into just a couple of inches. In addition, the point of aim did not change as the barrel heated up well beyond the ability to touch it. I don’t have before and after target photos for this carbine/ammo combination, but I’ve shot this carbine enough to recognize the improvement.

Based on my experience, I recommend the Accu-strut if you want tighter groups from your Ruger Mini-14. Not only does the strut work as advertised, it gives the Mini-14 more of an M14/M-1A look to it.



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