Posted by: reformedmusings | December 20, 2012

Survivor perspectives on gun banners – deja vu all over again

A friend sent me the link to Suzanna Gratia Hupp’s testimony from the last attempt to ban modern sporting rifles and normal capacity magazines. This lady is a hero who didn’t think that watching her parents be executed by a psychopath was more noble than defending them with a firearm. So, she got the Texas laws changed so others wouldn’t have to watch their parents be executed by a psychopath. Here’s her testimony before Congress – gun control from a victim’s perspective:

When defending modern sporting rifles and normal capacity magazines, she mentions the brave Koreans who defended themselves during the 1992 LA riots. While the zombies rioted and looted, the LA Police Department literally retreated from the worst areas. Yes, you heard right, they ran while 53 citizens were murdered by animals and a further over 2,000 injured. The police chief attended an expensive fund-raising dinner while the city came apart. Those civilian living and working in the combat zone were left had to fend for themselves.

The Koreans were particularly targeted of the zombies. One group successfully defended their livelihoods and their lives with their personal firearms. The cowardly animals only wanted easy targets, which the Koreans refused to be. Their courageous stand is now the stuff of legend.

Kinda makes me wonder that if Obama had sons, if they would look like the folks at the beginning of this video? Watch how the animals run wild and attack whoever is in their path:

“Looks like every man on that roof is armed.” No looting in their vicinity? Huh, I wonder why. Remember, the cops have all run away by this point. What if you and your family lived or worked there and were stuck in the middle of the murderous mobs? Would you dial 911 and wait to die? Not the Koreans.

Were the Koreans serious? What do you think?

The female reporter at the very beginning talks about someone not caring. She’s referring to her attempted interview of active looters stealing from the merchants. Note that the reporter is an idiot. She says that the Koreans were shooting at everyone and that they started something. That’s exactly the opposite of what actually happened. The Koreans were shooting at the animals attacking them and their livelihood, and the animals started the rioting, not the Koreans.

Without modern rifles, pistols, and ammunition with normal capacity magazines, the Korean merchants would probably have joined the 53 murdered by the zombies. Obama and Biden don’t want you to be able to effectively defend yourself against these very real, predatory murderers.

When seconds counted, the LAPD were running the other way. The National Guard and Marines had to finally retake the city. I have nothing against the police. In fact, I’ve worked closely with police special units in the past and appreciate the difficult work that police must do daily. But when the chips were down in LA in 1992, civilians were on their own. It not only could happen in America, but does so on a frightening scale. 53 murdered, 2,000 injured in just 6 days of complete lawlessness. Very few zombies were ever caught or tried – they literally got away with murder.

Yeah, you desperately need a modern sporting rifle with normal capacity magazines. The lives you save may be yours and your family’s.

HT: Weer'd World

HT: Weer’d World



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