Posted by: reformedmusings | December 20, 2012

CNN’s Piers Morgan – the quintessential moron

This is amazing. Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt destroyed the inept and obnoxious Piers Morgan, who had no argument whatsoever. Morgan could only produce his liberal British penchant for ad hominem attacks in lieu of actual data or argument. Pratt is right on target – Morgan would find it nobler for 20 school children to simply curl up and wait to die rather than arm their teachers and administrators with the ability to defend them all. Sounds like Norway again – when seconds counted, police were only 90 minutes away. 69 mostly children were executed over that 90 minutes while waiting for help in one of the most restrictive gun-free environments in the world. These idiots never learn.

I have news for Morgan – we settled this argument in 1783 with the Treaty of Paris. We didn’t defeat the British with ad hominem attacks, we shot them mostly with our personal weapons (military-grade weapons of the day) and enshrined the reason for that victory in the 2nd Amendment.

Just for completeness, I’ll link again to a study showing the U.K. as being the most dangerous country in the First World. Morgan is either stupid or a liar, but my guess is probably both. If the U.K. is so safe and the U.S. so dangerous in his tiny mind, then why doesn’t he go back?

I’m constantly amazed at how CNN consistently hires leftist shaggy dogs and then claims to be neutral about anything. If this is the best Obama can produce for a hit man, he needs to call his Chicago union thugs for more help.



  1. Thank you for speaking the truth! I pray that our nation realizes these facts.

    • Thank you, DroidJoel! I pray the for same thing.

  2. Speaking as an Englishman – I’m sorry. Piers doesn’t speak for all of us (on anything, let alone guns).

    There are way too many leftys here, and an astonishing number within the Church. Even among solid evangelicals there’s a lot of problematic thinking when it comes to politics and law.

    Your posts on guns have been useful to me as I think these things through. In lots of ways, I think I’d fit in a lot better on your side of the pond than mine.

    • Hi Paul,

      Welcome and thanks for taking time to cross the pond and comment! You would be most welcome to come over here! I’ve made a number of friends in the U.K. over the years, and they would all agree with you.

      I’m always amazed at how both of our countries so easily give away our liberties so quickly. I think that it was Ronald Reagan that once said liberty is always only one generation away from being lost. We are watching that come true for ourselves over here. Once the majority live off of support from the more productive members of society, destruction follows quickly.

      We have our serious evangelical problems here as well. There was a time in both our countries, I believe, when the churches started and ran the hospitals, soup kitchens, etc. Now, many of those who started those institutions are barely social clubs and contribute little. A sad fall.

      Thank you again for taking time to write. Have a Joyous Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

  3. […] Morgan, a disgraced Brit newspaper editor and UK citizen, now a CNN propagandist, is Obama’s socialist, gun control mouthpiece. His BIG LIE  is a pair of made-up numbers, which even if they were real are taken out of context. […]

  4. […] but not least, Stranger took a hard looks at British homicide data. Piers Morgan and others like to tout the idea that England is so much safer than the U.S. I’ve written […]

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