Posted by: reformedmusings | December 19, 2012

More thoughts post-Sandy Hook

I’ve been under the weather so haven’t had the opportunity to keep up with my thoughts on this topic. So, for now, I’m going to highlight some great things others have written.

First on mental health issues, again I refer everyone to Liza Long’s heart-wrenching post. I found the blog source and linked to it now. Don’t just read here article, cruise through the 3453 comments (as of this posting) on her blog. See how many others are in similar situations. This is the prime area that this country must address to prevent mass murders. Former Pennsylvania Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge made some very pertinent observations on Liza’s post, trends in recent mass murders, and the broken mental health system in this country. If this nation had any real leadership, that would be the first policy area to address.

Others are concentrating on the only other solution likely to succeed – arming teachers and other civilians to defend our children against psychopaths. Mas Ayoob followed up his earlier post with additional details. The list of countries arming their school civilians includes not just Israel, but also Peru, Thailand, and the Philippines as best we can tell so far. Mas goes on to point to the success of arming airline pilots in preventing even attempted hijackings. Even psychopaths don’t want to face opposition. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

Would this really work in America? Not only can it, it does! Harrold Independent School District and others in Texas already arm teachers and administrators who have concealed carry permits. Their Guardian Plan keeps their children safe. Officials in seven states so far are showing real leadership in protecting our children, including Virginia. I will be working here in VA to support training arming our civilian school personnel along the lines of the Texas Guardian Plan as linked above.

Lastly, I’ve read the anti-freedom’s crowd feeble arguments against arming teachers and other school civilians and found them, well, just stupid. Why such a strong word? Because armed teachers are already successfully protecting children here in the U.S. and around the world!

How stupid does one have to be to deny something will work that is already working? Are these people from the Flat Earth Society?

Rather than violating the Constitution and killing our precious freedoms, let’s look to our freedoms to address the tragedy of Sandy Hook. It’s called self-reliance, a key principle on which our country was built. That’s as opposed to the Obama nanny state principle that says we’re helpless to help ourselves, so an all-powerful government must take care of us.  What do all-powerful governments do?


That’s not speculation, that’s historical reality and where the anti-freedom crowd would like to take us. That’s the direction that Rep. Sheila Jackson wants for America. Molon Labe, babe. Already been tried, never ends well. More on that later.



  1. […] Again, these are highly-respected professional law enforcement trainers and security professionals proposing essentially the same approach – armed presence of trusted individuals in every school. This is not some pipe dream either. This approach works today in Israel and in a few places in Texas. […]

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