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The failure of gun control at Sandy Hook – Chief Tim Fitch gets it

The usual suspects – Obama, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Durbin, McCarthy, Nadler, et al – are pushing the failed political agenda of gun control in the wake of the tragic murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I might point out that Obama, Bloomberg, and other libs have protection details so are unaffected by disarming the hapless populace. Feinstein has a concealed carry permit, which are almost impossible to get in San Francisco. Somehow they must be more worthy of protection than the average civilian. The facts, however, are not on their side.

Miguel over at Gun Free Zone posted an article by Tom Givens from Facebook. In it, Givens points out some interesting facts. First, there were no school mass murders (3 or more killed) until AFTER the Gun Free Schools Act of 1994 made schools gun-free psychopath-enabling kill zones. The first mass killing occurred in 1997 according to Givens, which appears to be the December 1st murders in West Paducah, Kentucky. So, making guns illegal in schools didn’t end mass murders in schools, but instead apparently initiated them by making schools gun free psychopath-enabling kill zones.

Even the liberal Washington Post admits that Connecticut has the second-strongest gun laws according to the Brady Campaign. And the governor wants more? The horrendous massacre at Sandy Hook was theoretically impossible in Connecticut! WND lists the laws that the psychopath ignored. All Connecticut’s failed gun control scheme did was enable a psychopath to murder children without any chance of opposition.

Miguel goes on to trace back to the Federal Law Gun-Free Schools Act of 1993 that required states to implement gun control schemes in their schools in order to receive federal funds. Miguel provides a list of those whom you may wish to hold accountable for the carnage that followed – the enabling of psychopaths to execute children unopposed.

Note that going back decades, kids carrying rifles in cars to school was commonplace to facilitate after-school target shooting or hunting expeditions. Nobody even thought of shooting anyone. You could buy mortars and artillery ammunition through mail-order catalogs in the early 20th century. Fully automatic weapons as well. There were no school mass murders using firearms then. If guns were the problem, most of us probably wouldn’t be here now. In fact, the U.S. doesn’t even make the top ten list of violent, first-world countries. George Pruden shows that even the DOJ found that the 1994 so-called Assault Weapon Ban failed to improve crime rates. Study after study shows that guns are not the problem. Clearly, something besides guns lie behind these psychopathic killers.

Which brings us to mental health…again. In addition to a host of posts on this blog, Mona Cheren has excellent articles here and here on the mental health issue. As I said in this post, it’s easy to pass ineffective or even counter-productive laws to take away rights from law-abiding citizens. What’s hard is to take a good look at our society and ask what is turning a subset of our young people into homicidal maniacs. Lt Col Dave Grossman has a viable theory, as does Mass Ayoob. Ayoob has an excellent, data-based approach to fixing it, though:

The same principle works for defending against mass murders…it just doesn’t work HERE, because it is politically incorrect to employ it HERE.  After the Ma’alot massacre in 1974, Israel instituted a policy in which volunteer school personnel, parents, and grandparents received special training from the civil guard, and were seeded throughout the schools armed with discreetly concealed 9mm semiautomatic pistols.  Since that time, there has been no successful mass murder at an Israeli school, and every attempt at such has been quickly shortstopped by the good guys’ gunfire, with minimal casualties among the innocent.  Similar programs are in place in Peru and the Phillippines, with similarly successful results.

Imagine how different things might have turned out at Sandy Hook if, instead of confronting the psychopath with mean looks and strong words after he shot his way into the school, the principle and school psychologist met the psychopath with rounds on target from behind cover. That’s what would have happened in Israel, Peru, and the Phillipines. Why not here? Because progressives believe that evil either doesn’t exist or can be educated and controlled. But that’s clearly and demonstrably a lie. With God expunged from our schools and society, there are no objective standards. Anything goes, and government is solely about power. Gun control has failed to protect ordinary citizens everywhere it has been tried. Historically, gun control has inevitably led to one place – genocide.

As I’ve written before, we know what the world looks like without firearms. Our ancestors lived it in the Middle Ages. We see it now in England, Russia, Africa, etc. The strong prey on the weak and devour them at their leisure. Might makes right. Women become property. Only firearms can equalize such a gross disparity of force, providing a firm basis for civilization. Indeed, the gun IS civilization. God created all men, Samuel Colt made them equal.

Which brings me to Police Chief Tim Fitch of St. Louis Country, MO. Chief Fitch realizes that the only answer to evil is to confront it directly, by arming civilian school personnel. Obama wants action? Fine. Instead of doubling down on failed, counter-productive laws that only penalize the law-abiding, take real action. Rebuild America’s mental health system, and arm everyone who is legally and physically able. Progressivism is opening our children to the whims of psychopathic killers. Stop the lies and face the violence head-on. Eventually we might even run out of psychopaths.

Lastly, I just heard Bill O’Reilly disparage the AR-15 and AK-47 as unnecessary for civilians to own. I and our Founding Fathers strongly disagree. The 2nd Amendment was all about military hardware for citizens to oppose tyranny, not about hunting. Note especially the quote in the previous link from Joseph Story, the youngest-ever justice on the Supreme Court. Sorry Bill, you don’t get it.

Don’t believe the progressive lies. Limiting gun ownership will only drive us one step closer to tyranny, and leave women and the weak at the mercy of the strong.

A firearm is the great equalizer

A firearm is the great equalizer

Just as at Aurora and Sandy Hook Elementary, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. You could just as easily measure that wait time by body count.


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