Posted by: reformedmusings | December 15, 2012

Children sacrified to evil again – Sandy Hook Elementary School

First, my prayers to out to the families of the victims, all the surviving children, and the first responders who had to view and deal with the horror.

I’m frankly sick of writing about these failures of the mental health system in this country. Another psychopath with known problems  slipped through the system and found a free pass in a gun-free psychopathic killer-enabling zone. I’ve addressed this issue in this post, this post, and this post. Mas Ayoob has an excellent analysis here. As Mas points out, the worst school massacre occurred in 1927 and involved a psychopath with bombs. No guns needed. Lt Col Dave Grossman, USA (Ret) offers practical, tried-and-true solutions, but few will listen.

At a loss of what to add, I thought that I’d address Bloomberg’s idiotic comments that we need more gun control. Not only does Bloomberg repeat the same old lies like the myth that 40% of all firearms are sold without a background check, totally ignoring that the psychopath in this case stole the weapons that he used. Bloomberg also wants to reinstate the so-called “assault weapons” ban, even though the Sandy Hook psychopath didn’t use one. Bloomberg and his ilk totally miss the underlying lesson. Democrats want to dance in the blood of the children to further their political aims. In contrast, I’d like to relate a personal experience that showed that there are people in this world who get it as a nation.

A few years ago, I had the privilege of travelling to Israel on business. I and my team were treated with the utmost courtesy by the Israelis, and I took care to observe the people and culture while I travelled around the country.

One thing that’s hard to miss is that many ordinary people are openly armed – shop keepers, restaurant owners, and teachers. Security concerns figure prominently in daily life. The Israeli people know full well that they are the constant targets of psychopaths and have taken prudent measures.

They learned the lesson of gun-free psychopath killer-enabling zones the hard way as well. In May of 1974, three terrorist psychopaths murdered 25 people in a school in Ma’alot, including 22 children, and 68 more sustained injuries. The correct and practical Israeli response? Arm and train teachers, administrators, and parents – within days. The result?

That’s right, there have been no school attacks in Israel since 1974 because even psychopaths understand the business end of a firearm in the hands of a determined protector. This is what I saw all across Israel. Teachers, shopkeepers, college students, et al, all stand ready to oppose evil every minute. They get it. Americans and Europeans apparently don’t. The firearms aren’t the problem, the psychopaths are the problem. Firearms are a critical part of the solution.

Maybe this will help American’s understand the underlying lunacy of gun control laws and gun free psychopathic killer-enabling zones:

Yeah, for all intents and purposes psychopathic killers are zombies. Whether one cannot read gun-free psychopathic killer-enabling zone signs (zombies) or doesn’t care about them (psychopaths), the net result is the same. Locked glass doors will not stop a psychopath intent on murdering children or anyone else for that matter. More laws won’t help. Connecticut already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. The psychopath in Connecticut broke a host of laws – stealing firearms, possessing said handguns under 21 years of age, murdering his mother, carrying firearms into a school, mass murder in the school, etc. All these laws and more were in place, yet had zero mitigating effect. Do we really expect different from psychopathic murderers?

We require that teachers and school administrators have specific education, training, and certifications to prepare for their positions. Firearm handling and employment should be part of that training. Everyone in the U.S.A. who can be legally armed should be at all times. If this were so, then school, workplace, and other psychopathic killer attacks would all but disappear, and certainly be mitigated quickly when they would rarely occur. Such attacks are incredibly rare in Israel these days. Things could certainly have turned out differently at Sandy Hook if principal Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach had met the psychopath in the hall armed, ready, and determined.

Sickos like Harry Belafonte want to arrest all who disagree with their perverted politics. Cowardly union thugs attack unarmed elderly, women, and reporters in Detroit. Psychopathic killers like the one in Connecticut murder 20 children and six adults. All have one-in-the-same solution – these things rarely happen in Israel. Whether tyrants, thugs, or psychopathic murderers, they can all be stopped by acute lead poisoning delivered at upwards of 800 feet per second. On the other hand, gun control serves only one purpose successfully:


Don’t think that it cannot happen here – just ask Belafonte. America needs to wake up and encourage its teachers, administrators, and all legally-able adults to arm themselves and train for the worst. As Lt Col Dave Grossman, USA (Ret) wisely observes, naivete kills. Again, Lt Col Grossman offers realistic solutions. The world is full of evil and we need to be prepared for the day it comes for us, even in bucolic little towns in Connecticut.

It’s time that we learned the right lesson and arm ourselves to protect our children.


  1. […] I’ve posted on this exact subject previously. I cited Israel, Utah, Texas, et al, as examples of where armed citizens, including teachers and school staff, have stopped psychopaths from murdering our children. Put succinctly: […]

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