Posted by: reformedmusings | December 8, 2012

Malibu houses with a whale of a view – and smell

All is not well in the land of fruits, nuts, and flakes. The most prized real estate in the People’s Republik of California lies right on or overlooking the beaches. Folks plunk down big bucks for the view and unrestricted beach access. However, like most folks with limited foresight, the viewmongers failed to realize that the view comes with an occasional unexpected bonus. Stuff in the ocean dies, and sometimes washes up on their pristine beaches.

It seems that a huge dead whale sought a final resting place amongst the rich and famous. At first, folks thought that it was an impressive sight. But soon the whale went the way of all organic material, stinking mightily. Now the debate is over who is responsible to remove the increasingly soft and malodorous Cetacean. Of course, the folks that own the land want the government to take care of it. They must feel entitled, eh?

Precedence does exist, however, for dealing with decaying denizens formerly of the deep. It seems that something similar happened back in Oregon in 1970. The Oregon State Highway Division found an innovative solution, or so they thought. I cannot do the story justice, so I’ll let Dave Barry do the honors. We couldn’t make this stuff up. But, just in case you think that we did, here’s the video evidence:

Very impressive approach. Malibu, are you listening? May I suggest C4 and white phosphorus this time around?


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