Posted by: reformedmusings | December 3, 2012

Bob Costas is an idiot

OK, there! I said it. His gratuitous rant during halftime of the Eagles-Cowboys game about gun control left all common sense in the toilet of the locker room. Does Costas really think that a 228 pound linebacker needs a gun to kill his girlfriend? Costas obviously hasn’t spent any time in the projects of DC, Baltimore, or Prince Georges County.

Dr. John Lott, Jr., has an awesome editorial on the Belcher situation. Belcher had drug and alcohol “issues”, and wasn’t married to the mother of his child. Without the commitment of marriage, the relationship wasn’t going well and was apparently expendable. Sound familiar? The scenario plays out with regularity in the inner cities.

The bottom line is that as usual, evil intent is excused by blaming inanimate objects. People need to take responsibility for their actions, not blame evil deeds on things that have no mind of their own. Until we tackle the underlying social dysfunctions of this country, events like the Belcher murder-suicide will continue using fists, rope, kitchen knives, cars, gravity, etc. Tragedy? Absolutely. But one played out all too often because few have the courage to talk about the underlying issues like Bill Cosby did. Lott offers some statistics and common sense:

To put it bluntly, criminals are not typical citizens. About 90 percent of adult murderers have an adult criminal record. They tend to have low IQs and long histories of social problems. Murders are also very heavily concentrated among minorities in urban areas. Over 70 percent of murders occur in about 3 percent of the counties in the US. Even if our country passed laws banning guns, most of these murderers are not the kind of people who are going to voluntarily turn in their weapons.

If women want to protect themselves, they should get a gun. The FBI’s National Crime Victimization Survey indicates that by far the safest course of action for women to take when they are confronted by a criminal is to have a gun.

There are two groups of people who benefit the most from gun ownership: people who are weaker physically (women and the elderly) and those who are most likely to be victims of violent crime (primarily poor blacks who live in high crime urban areas).

Like a 22-year-old young mother against a 228 pound NFL linebacker perhaps.

The issue, Mr. Costas, isn’t firearms, and the answer isn’t to punish hundreds of millions of law-abiding gun owners by destroying the Constitution. The problem is a lack of personal responsibility and accountability, enabled by ignorant, weak-kneed liberals like you and a socialist nanny government.


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