Posted by: reformedmusings | December 1, 2012

Interesting music by Lindsey Stirling

One of the blogs that I read regularly, Weer’d World, highlighted a young performer with an unusual sound/style. Young Lindsey Stirling trained as a classical violinist starting at age 6, but branched out into rock, hip-hop, and dubstep. I’m not normally a fan of hip-hop, but Lindsey’s work is both unique and stirring. Not only does Lindsey play well, but she dances well while she plays the violin. She’s a fine dancer and the combination is very impressive.

Lindsey reached her current level of recognition by posting very well-done music videos to Youtube. These videos individually feature themes, elaborate costumes, and excellent production. My favorite so far is an adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera:

My next favorite involves zombies, a fact that won’t surprise my friends (be sure to read the tombstones!):

And for the Christmas season, a Celtic carol:

You can find more on her Youtube channel, but I find the energy and innovation of Lindsey’s music to be refreshing. That’s a pretty high compliment from a metal head and bebop jazz fan.

Also refreshing is her consistent recognition of those who help put her videos together, including everything down to the candles in some cases.

In closing, here’s her adaptation from The Lord of the Rings, with the video actually shot in New Zealand. Note her beautiful voice as well as her playing:



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