Posted by: reformedmusings | October 30, 2012

Quick update on rain total for Sandy in Northern VA

Update to my previous post. It has been raining very lightly all day today. It doesn’t seem much until you’ve been out in it a while. As of 8PM, we’ve received 1.03 inches of rain today, for a storm total of 6.38 inches in the last two days. Plus, it’s still raining. I’ll update this post with any significant changes.

I took a longer walk after my previous post and didn’t find any major damage in the immediate area. I hiked over to Donaldson Run to see the water level. Until a few days ago, the run looked like this:

The run was incredibly dry. I was able to hike down the middle of it down to the Potomac without coming close to getting wet. Although, I did get in some rudimentary rock scrambling:

But today, it was a different story:

This is a different stretch, but was just as pathetically dry before yesterday. Amazing how much difference one extra-tropical storm makes. I expect the run’s water level to rise over the next day or so as the upstream areas drain into it.


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