Posted by: reformedmusings | October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy in Northern Virginia

It seems as if the worst of Sandy has passed here. According to the rain gauge closest to our house, we received 5.35 inches of rain yesterday and 0.97 inches so far today, for a total of 6.32 inches of rain in about a day and a half. At one point, it rained about an inch/hour. Wind gust peak yesterday hit about 70 mph here, with the peak steady state around 45 mph. A number of trees are down, some into houses. The wind sounded like a freight train in the trees last night about 9 PM.

Yet providentially, overall impact was far less than the Armageddon anticipated. I’m thinking that Irene last year and the super deracho 6  months ago culled most of the weaker trees. Our immediate area never lost power, though it flickered about a half dozen times. God spared us the worst, which fell to New York and New Jersey. At the peak, about 16,000 or so customers lost power in Arlington, far less than during Irene. Dominion Power put extra crews in place and are apparently executing the recovery well.

Based on our all-too-familiar experience with extreme weather here, we prepared with enough batteries to power Al Gore’s lies and lanterns in which to use them. I also have strategically pre-positioned flashlights around the house since we never know when some drunk will decide to use their car to take on a power pole.

I don’t have any dramatic pictures from the local area since, praise God, all we have are small limbs and lots of leaves down. The local federal government offices along with county, etc., and Metro shut down for the worst of Sandy – a wise move. Metro is supposed to start operating on a Sunday schedule about now. The temperature has dropped from the 60’s on Sunday to the high 40’s yesterday to 38 this morning with a burrrrr wind chill. Not your usual hurricane.

Potomac flooding is projected to be very high in the coming two days as the upstream rain water makes its way to the ocean. That combined with the almost full moon high tides will pack a punch on the river – estimated at greater than 10 feet above normal. That could breach the walls and flood the National Mall area and Alexandria, VA.

Here is a link to the some Sandy results. What hasn’t been reported is the over 2 feet of snow in western Maryland and Virginia, and the snow is still falling there under blizzard conditions.

Our prayers go out to those dramatically affected by this storm.


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