Posted by: reformedmusings | October 5, 2012

What makes America exceptional?

Peter Lawler says it best in his essay Where is Puritan, Middle-Class America When We Need It? I found it very insightful.

A key point:

Here’s what Tocqueville found in America, to his surprise. Everyone is middle-class.

So what?

The good news: Everyone is free in a way that only aristocrats once were. Nobody can tell you how to live or what to do.

The bad news: Everyone has to work. There’s no leisure class that feeds off the work of others. You are, of course, technically free not work, if you’re willing to embrace the freedom not to eat.

No safety net, no government intervention. Just hard work to earn your and your family’s keep. The result:

So Tocqueville concludes that when it comes to PROSPERITY and JUSTICE you can’t beat America. And so other countries actually ought to imitate America.

Try to get that past the progressives that want to enslave the population to a socialist state.

George Orwell saw the alternative to Tocqueville’s America. He wrote about it in his classics Animal Farm and 1984. Both sound an awful lot like the progressives’ socialist dream for America. 1984 sounds like the mainstream media today in America.

Time to wake up and take America back from the socialists who euphemistically call themselves “progressives”.



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