Posted by: reformedmusings | September 28, 2012

A Samsung Galaxy S III followed me home

So, I was at the mall last weekend with too much time on my hands. I had no intention of getting a new cell phone, but decided to “look” and compare features. After a long time comparing the Motorola Atrix HD and the Samsung Galaxy S III, I became impressed with the S3’s features. It had twice the HD’s RAM, twice the internal storage, a superb screen, and a replaceable battery. In fact, the two are almost exactly the same size, but the Galaxy’s screen is significantly larger. The Galaxy’s 4.8″ bright and colorful HD Super AMOLED screen and 4G LTE proved hard to walk away from, so I didn’t.

Truth is, I need a bigger screen to read and lusted after 4G LTE. I’d been looking at the Atrix HD for a while, but had not seriously compared it to the competition. The Samsung won out. It’s really an amazing device, and incredibly thin.

Samsung Galaxy S3 in Pebble Blue

One of the coolest and most practical features has to be its ability to see if the user is looking at its screen. It uses this to keep the screen from turning off while the user is using it in front of their face. This allows one to set a short screen sleep time and yet still use the device continually for a longer period. Very clever and useful.
The S3 comes with the Android 4.04 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system installed. This provides a nice improvement over 2.3 Gingerbread. Samsung installs their own TouchWiz interface. I normally replace stock interfaces, but I’m going to give TouchWiz a shot. It’s responsive and somewhat flexible. I just need better wallpaper.

After a bad experience with a dropped PDA some years ago, I try to protect my phones right out of the box. This time, I chose an Otterbox Commuter case which included an excellent screen protector as well. It more than doubles the depth of the Galaxy, but will protect it well.

Since my last smartphone was also an Android, transferring my calendar and contacts through Google proved trivial. Google Play had a record of all my software, but I had to load them all manually. At first I was annoyed that Play wouldn’t automatically load them, but later realized that some were specific to my last phone and would have made a mess on the Samsung.

My notes proved to be the most complicated transfer, but even that wasn’t bad. I simply exported my notes from Note Everything to my 32 GB microSD card from my last phone, then import them on the Galaxy. Of course, everything on my microSD card transferred simply by moving the card over.

This won’t be a review. There are excellent reviews at MobileTechReview and Brighthand. I plan on posting a number of articles about particular tweaks, starting with rooting the device. After almost a week with the Galaxy S3, I can say that I’m genuinely very happy with it.



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