Posted by: reformedmusings | September 5, 2012

Dems get religion on God and Israel, then promptly lie

Folks, I couldn’t make this stuff up. The 2012 Democrat platform eliminated all mention of God as well as Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which were mentioned in previous presidential election platforms. Bret Baier of Foxnews simply asks slimy Dick Durbin why these references were removed. Although Durbin NEVER answers the question, he does shuck and jive like a chicken in a lead shower from a Dillon Aero minigun. What a sleeze.

This questioning continued around the country and the hapless Dem leadership (such as it is) got the hint. So, they entertained a motion to add references to God and support for Israel into their platform. What followed astounded even jaded old me:

I am serving as a presbytery moderator this year, which has the same duties and responsibilities during floor debates as the chairman of that DNC floor session. I evaluate votes as having passed or failed by various means. I have also attended countless floor debates during General Assembly and informally tallying voice votes. So, I have considerable experience evaluating voice votes.

All that to say that the platform change did not achieve a 2/3 majority as required according to the CSPAN video. In fact, I don’t believe that it even garnered 50%. Yet, the chairman lied and claimed that the vote succeeded. In normal parliamentary procedure according to Robert’s Rules, anyone voting could have called for a division – a counted vote. Apparently, the Dems don’t believe in democracy.

Are these really the people anyone wants in charge of a country. If $16 trillion dollars in debt and increasing, 15% real (U6) unemployment and increasing, and flushing taxpayer dollars down the toilet by the billions aren’t enough to fire these bums, consider how they cheat their own delegates to get what the ruling elite want.

As Clint Eastwood observed, we the people own these country and politicians are our employees. When employees don’t perform, we have to let them go. Time to fire Obama and his taxpayer-funded lackeys.



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