Posted by: reformedmusings | August 25, 2012

Another psycho killer – when will we reform the mental health system?

So, yesterday another psycho kills someone over an exaggerated grievance. Once again, Dr. Keith Ablow cuts to the heart of the issue:

We are not facing an epidemic of gun violence. We are not facing an epidemic of first-degree murder.  We are facing an epidemic of mental illness, improperly triaged and treated, leading to killings with no apparent motive.  They will stop when we decide to stop them—by providing robust mental health care services, targeted to those individuals whose mental illnesses include a component of violent or psychotic thinking.

Indeed, the killer was described as a quiet loner – no one ever saw him with anyone else. Although out of work, he put on a suit every morning, went out for two cups of coffee, then returned home for the rest of the day. He blames others for his failures. So far, there’s no indication that he sought work after his layoff.

What about gun control? New York City has one of the most onerous set of gun control laws in the nation. The killer broke the law merely by having a handgun that he had not registered with the city. Bloomberg presides over his wet dream of a gun control empire. A lot of good that did the victim. Bloomberg is so delusional himself that he suggested that law enforcement go on strike until he gets what he wants.

I have a better idea. How about we just get serious help for psychos and leave law abiding citizens alone?

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