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The good must be armed and prepared to confront ever-present evil

Much has been well-written during the recent spate of psychos killing unarmed innocents in gun-free killing zones.  Many have suggested tightening up the mental health system, which partly lies at the root of many of the incidents.

The public is easily swayed by emotional presentations irrespective of the falsehoods contained therein. A Clockwork Orange spelled doom for automatic knives (switchblades), despite the fact it was a work of total fiction and that in real life auto knives were/are virtually never used in crimes. Rather, a lowly kitchen knife is used in virtually all knife crimes, but no one suggests making them illegal. Likewise, Bambi turned many against hunting in spite of the rational argument for herd management to prevent animal starvation and suffering after we eliminated natural predators from the ecosystem.

So it was movies like The Snake Pit and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest that allowed well-meaning but ignorant liberals to empty the psychiatric hospitals, creating a country full of mentally ill homeless and making it especially difficult to stop sociopathic and psychopathic killers. The psychos’ “rights” seem to trump the lives of their victims. America’s mental health system is broken, but it didn’t break on its own. It was sabotaged. Evil sometimes comes covered in good intentions.

But that’s not the only issue at play.

The best article I’ve seen so far on the state of America is Where There Are Sheep, Wolves Will Always Thrive by Michael Filozof in American Thinker. Please read his outstanding article before continuing.

Filozof makes so many good points that I can’t possibly do them all justice here. His premise, which to me is undisputable, is that America has become both comfortable and in going down that path, America lost its belief in evil.

Americans live lives, no longer of quiet desperation as Thoreau wrote over a century ago, but of air conditioning, ubiquitous motorized transport, microwave dinners, massive HDTVs, multitudes of clothing choices, the Internet, and rapid, easy world travel through the skies. Food in America comes in convenient plastic packages at a supermarket, with no need to personally slaughter our meat or pick our veggies by the sweat of our brows. Rather than take personal responsibility, Americans largely depend on their police to assume responsibility for their personal safety and protection. And Americans rely on a small, volunteer military to maintain our freedoms without getting our hands dirty. Even with that responsibility kept at arms distance, large segments of the public gripe about the costs incurred. Americans have managed to isolate themselves from the realities of the real world and become like a deer in the headlights when reality intrudes into their happy little world.

Steven King scratched some of the vernier in many of his works. In The Mist, a woman tries to assert the people are basically good, descent, and civilized.  Another character replies, “Sure, as long as the machines are working and you can dial 911. But you take those things away, you throw people in the dark, you scare the shit out of them – no more rules.” Probably the most famous Twilight Zone episode, The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street, made the same observation.

Americans live like sheep in a soft, cozy bubble, but evil wolves also thrive inside that same bubble. They feed on the sheep, who prefer to believe that their comfy bubble is the real world. Filozof points out that our Founding Fathers lived in a time when they faced harsh reality every day. They wisely constructed our Constitution with this truth in mind. In their original design, the three branches of government check and balance each other. The main body of the Constitution delineates the roles of the three branches of our government. The Bill of Rights, on the other hand, sets limits on the power of that government, with the Second Amendment guaranteeing “the people” all the rest of them.

The United States’ Founding Fathers understood then, and those who believe in their work as originally intended understand now, that citizens must take personally responsibility for their safety and freedoms. They knew and we know that like fire, government is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. One only has to look at how governments slaughter their people after confiscating their firearms, which is conveniently recorded in Death by Gun Control — Soviet Union (20 million (M) killed), Nazi Germany (20M killed), Red China (30M), Cambodia (2M), Rwanda (800K), etc. One should truly fear the government that fears your guns.

Today Detroit, Washington DC, and Chicago display the inevitable result of gun control. Guns are all but illegal in DC while Virginia comes pretty close to ideal in relation to the Second Amendment. The population density of Northern Virginia is about the same as DC across the river, yet violent crime is minimal in NoVA while someone is killed at least every day in DC on the average. If gun control advocates were right, the result should be the opposite. Vicious, psychopathic predators know no boundaries, but 230 grains of lead and copper delivered intercranially provides a permanent deterrent.

Americans have become complacent in our comfort, and we are teaching our children to be compliant victims. Evil people exist and live amongst us looking for opportunity. Predators don’t need firearms, but even so can get them even under the most restrictive laws.

Evil is a fact, even in the relative paradise of the U.S. Take personal responsibility for your and your family’s safety and security. Don’t be paranoid, be prepared.

Wisdom for today



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