Posted by: reformedmusings | July 31, 2012

Great reality check on gun control

John Lott has a new editorial up on Foxnews: New gun laws will do nothing to stop mass shooting attacks. Lott makes two key points: 1) the old 1994 ban on semi-automatic sporting rifles and large capacity magazines was totally ineffective, and violent crime has actually dropped since the ban’s expiration; and 2) the psycho in Aurora, Colorado, would still have been able to conduct his murders under all the proposed knee-jerk gun control proposals being put forth by the usual suspects. In fact, the psycho in Norway flaunted that nation’s strict gun control to conduct his murders.

The only people affected by restrictions on our liberty are the law abiding citizens who play by the rules. Murder is already illegal, and so are assault with a deadly weapon and making bombs to kill first responders. If someone wants to murder people and blow them up, petty gun control laws won’t slow them down if the laws against murder do not.

Back in the pre-1968 gun control days, you could buy almost anything through the mail:

The guns and weapons haven’t changed dramatically since 1961 when this ad was first posted. Society has dramatically decayed. That’s where we should be putting our emphasis – putting God back into our society, teaching kids citizenship and decency, and free people from the slavery of welfare for those who won’t work for a living or irresponsibly expect the taxpayer to pay for kids the deadbeats pop out without the benefit of marriage. The same people that want to steal our liberty are the ones who work so hard to undermine our free society. What a coincidence. Not.

The right to life in the Declaration of Independence includes the right to defend that life by whatever means necessary.



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