Posted by: reformedmusings | July 25, 2012

Follow-up on Aurora, CO, theater murders

There have been some great pieces written in the wake of the psycho’s rampage in the Century Aurora Cinema 16 Theater. I wrote earlier in general about the limitations of body armor. It turns out that Police Chief Magazine published the results of a good study done on the results of hits on protective vests. Interesting reading.

As far as is known at this point, no one in the attacked theater was armed, which fits Cinemark’s demands for it’s gun-free, psycho-enabling zones. The Washington Times wrote an outstanding editorial pointing out that Batman won’t save you when the real psychos show up. Bottom line – take responsibility for yours and your family’s safety, as I’ve said here and here.

Along those lines, Brandon Webb, retired Navy Seal sniper and author of the bestselling The Red Circle, wrote Navy SEAL Lessons Learned From Aurora Colorado. It’s a great article on simple techniques to use both to avoid bad situations and get out if you find yourself in one. Anyone that’s known me for any time will recognize a lot of these techniques and approaches. Living a life of awareness and preparedness goes a long way to keeping yourself and family safe to the maximum extent possible.

The class act of the whole ordeal to date came from Jordan Ghawi, the brother of Jessica Ghawi who was murdered by the psycho in Aurora. When an MSNBC Obama apologist tried to corner Mr. Ghawi into supporting MSNBC’s gun-grabbing agenda, Mr. Ghawi refused to fall into the trap. Mr. Ghawi’s purpose was simply “…to celebrate the lives of the victims that have been lost.” Bravo! Bet you didn’t see that reported in the mainstream media.

Please pray for the survivors and all the affected families. Pray for the police investigators and the prosecution team, that they may partner effectively to execute justice and send the psycho straight to hell sooner than later. And take personal responsibility for your safety and that of your family. As we saw again in Aurora, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.



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