Posted by: reformedmusings | July 25, 2012

A thought on the Aurora, CO, psycho’s plan

I’ve read several articles about how the Aurora, CO, psycho patterned his murders after a Batman comic book story line. Maybe. But I see another pattern.

It looks like the psycho had his apartment stereo timed to turn on at maximum volume with the idea that the police or someone would enter the apartment and set off the booby traps. Those traps would kill the entrant and then set off accelerants which would burn down the building, probably killing most the the inhabitants. That would draw a lot of law enforcement to the apartment building in a massive, bloody diversion, leaving him more time to murder at the movie theater with no resistance since it is a gun-free, psycho-enabling zone.

That plan sounds a lot like the Norwegian psycho’s plan last year, except that it actually worked in Norway. In one of the most restrictive gun-control countries in the world, a psycho managed blow up a government building, killing 8, and then roam around a youth picnic killing 69, killing a total of 77 government-disarmed people before the police got around to challenging him.

Both psychos, by the way, are cowards to the core and surrendered without resistance when challenged by armed resistance.

So, I could be wrong, but it looks to me like the psycho in Aurora, CO, was actually a failed copycat of the psycho in Norway. Two cowards, the second just a cheap imitator.



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