Posted by: reformedmusings | July 1, 2012

Super Derecho aftermath – NoVA update

Life for many hasn’t become much better since Friday night’s storm here in Northern VA. News stories keep the total storm fatalities at 13. Power outages still total around 3 million, and have taken down phone and cell services, including Arlington’s 911 services, over a wide area. Netflix, Instagram, and Pinterest services also took a hit from the power outages. The super derecho left behind all the devastation of past tropical hurricanes, and I’ve witnesses a few of those, including Floyd’s aftermath. Here’s a good discussion of how the super derecho formed and more about it. Their bottom line observation:

This derecho event is likely to go down as not only one of the worst on record in Washington, D.C. but also along its entire path stretching back to northern Indiana.

Hard to argue with that. Driving around today, I encountered a large number of dead traffic signals which tied up traffic. Ice is at a premium for those without power, so the stores that are open are packed, though many still have no power.

Here’s a sampling of some huge trees down. Keep in mind that this is a day and a half after the storm. I’m sure the fact that most of the region had no communications available for most of the first day slowed the recovery.

Tree blocking entrance to subdivision, power lines blocking a driveway

Fallen tree smashed a car and blocked the road

Huge fallen tree blocking road, taking the power lines down with it

These are just a few examples of what played out across the region. The local power companies estimate that the bulk of the power will be restored by next weekend, but probably not all.

Returning to the Washington Post’s Weather Blog discussion on this storm, they conclude by alluding to a possible link to the mythical anthropological global warming. Let’s debunk that right up front. One of the worst on record occurred way back in 1998 across the U.S.  northern tier. This Storm Prediction Center page lists major derechoes going back to at least 1969. You may recall that was the time that the same old spin doctors were trying to sell global cooling. They were wrong then and they are wrong now. The dates change, the myths change, but the doomsayers’ book sales go on and on.

The bottom line is that weather is incredibly complex, resulting from a host of initial and boundary conditions driving complex fluid equations. Don’t fall for the lies. No one saw this derecho coming a day before it formed, how can they possibly predict the weather 10 or 100 years from now? Simple. They can’t. No human can. History has proved that time and again.



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