Posted by: reformedmusings | June 30, 2012

More nails in the global warming coffin

Lots of global warming coffin nails driven recently. First, the Antarctic ice shelves are not melting at all, contrary to global warming doomsayers. NOAA  has been fudging the global temperature data for the last 4 years, making the data look like what they need. And Richard Branson gets called on his stupidity.

Now, the godfather of global warming, James Lovelock, has publicly criticized the current movement. As an independent scientist, not dependent on government money for his living, he can tell the unvarnished truth. And that truth is that the global temperature hasn’t risen as the doomsayers have predicted for the last 20 years. He admits that they have no idea what the climate is doing. How refreshing.

He correctly described the pursuit of alternate energy sources like wind power as a annoying waste of time and money. Natural gas is the only technology available that can meet the need. Second, he criticizes the current devotees for making global warming and the green movement a religion. No kidding.

Most importantly, he rejects the lie that the science on global warming is settled. As an honest scientist, he correctly observes that no science is ever settled. New discoveries in real science occur while scientists continue to explore anomalies that exist in every theory. The progression from a basic understanding of electricity to Maxwell’s equations to quantum mechanics to QED to whatever comes next is just one such example. No real scientist would ever assert that the science is settled on anything. Stupid politicians and bureaucrats would, though.

Overall, Lovelocks refreshing perspective reflects his integrity as a real scientist, untainted by government funding or desiring the accolades of his peers. I still don’t agree with his green perspective, but I respect him as a professional.



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