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Otis Technology firearm cleaning systems

Otis Technology provides a great example of how America should work. Otis is a family-run business that started with a few great ideas. I was introduced to the Otis folks at a trade show a few years ago and got to hear their story. They are wonderful folks dedicated to serving our military members and law enforcement. Sport shooters also reap the benefits. In short, a 16-year-old young lady ran into a problem one day and then had a great idea to solve that problem. With ingenuity, hard work and perseverance, she and her family and friends grew the company to one whose cleaning systems many military and civilian shooters don’t leave home without.

When I first started shooting, I cleaned my firearms the old fashioned way – with a rod stuffed down the barrel from the muzzle end and pulled back out. The muzzle crown  plays a key role in a firearm’s accuracy. Damaging or wearing the crown with metal cleaning rods compromises accuracy over time. Plus, a full rod-based cleaning kit cannot easily be carried in the field, especially for a rifle.

Otis’ system uses coated cables that enter through the chamber and are pulled through from the muzzle end. This preserves the crown and does a great job of cleaning both the chamber and the barrel.

The Otis cable system folds up with all its supporting pieces into a very small pouch that can be clipped on a belt or MOLLE gear. I shoot everything from 5.56 mm rifles to shotguns and .22LR to .45 ACP pistols. My Otis system of choice – the Deluxe Military Cleaning System – will clean all these out of one small pouch. It’s hard to believe that all that stuff fits into the little pouch.

Due to government ignorance and inertia, the military requires that Otis ship the military systems with CLP – your grandfather’s cleaner, lubricant, and protectant that dates to Viet Nam. I personally use either Otis Special Forces Dry Lube (dries in 20 seconds) or Gunzilla depending on the firearm, both modern, high-tech products. The law enforcement and sports/hunting systems come with Otis O85 UltraBore, which has the same base as the Dry Lube but in a more persistent suspension.

The Otis system comes with universal patches, cable with different ends that can be combined for longer barrels, brushes, and a host of bits and pieces that can make cleaning easy. In the Deluxe Military Cleaning System, some of these pieces are specially designed to clean AR-15/M-4/M-16 lugs, scrape carbon, etc.

Otis makes systems for a range of firearms, so you don’t have to buy what you don’t need. They even make one for the H&K 4.6 mm. Beyond the firearm cleaning systems, Otis also offers optics cleaning systems, grip kits, brushes, weapons rails, soldier tool kits, as well as cleaners, preservers, and lubes.

My Otis kit goes everywhere that I shoot. I always have what I need with me. That’s the whole point. Innovation at its best, performance that counts.



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