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Clearing up disinformation about the PCA’s 35th General Assembly Federal Vision Study Report

I’ve heard a number of attempts by Federal Vision proponents and apologists to discredit the report of the PCA’s Ad Interim Study Committee Report on Federal Vision, New Perspective, and Auburn Avenue Theology. Recent purveyors of these attempts invariably use two pieces of disinformation – that the committee’s report was not unanimous internally and that TE Sean Lucas was the committee chairman. Both are demonstrably false.

First, the committee was completely unanimous in voting internally for the report. Our chairman, TE Paul Fowler, stated that clearly when he presented the report at the 35th General Assembly. Even those who claimed to have recently reviewed that presentation seem conveniently to have missed this fact.

Second, TE Paul Fowler’s chairmanship of the committee is recorded in the report itself. He was introduced as such for the presentation at the 35th GA. I’m at a complete loss as to how Sean Lucas, a valuable committee member, can be credibly asserted as having been the committee chairman. I’m not even sure why Federal Vision apologists think that TE Sean Lucas provides any comfort to them. To the best of my knowledge, Sean remains steadfastly opposed to Federal Vision.

I’ve tried to correct these factual errors a number of times, but this disinformation seems to have been given a life of its own by those who somehow believe they benefit from it. Since they cannot refute its content, they apparently wish to chip away at irrelevant edges as an overall attempt to discredit the report. This isn’t a blind assumption on my part. Read the defense’s arguments in the Leithart trial.

All attempts to discredit the report or minimize its importance ignore the most important fact surrounding the report – that the 35th General Assembly approved all five recommendations, including the nine declarations, by a 95-98% majority. In other words, almost unanimously. In doing so, the PCA joined eight other orthodox, Reformed denominations in condemning Federal Vision as a serious theological error that eats away at the core of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Federal Vision is an affront to the gospel. No amount of disinformation will change that fact.



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