Posted by: reformedmusings | May 2, 2012

nVidia driver issue fixed in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise

I’m happy to report that nVidia expedited a fix to the issues with their 295.40 driver that’s the default in the initial Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise release. You can download the new driver from the nVidia site here (64-bit) or here (32-bit). This new driver solved all my initial issues from this painful initial upgrade. Major kudos to nVidia for publishing a fix so quickly!

For the record, I think that nVidia has shown worked the hardest for their Linux users and remains my first choice for video cards when building my machines.



  1. Great! but how can i install it?
    I guess I need to first purge the nvidia-current and nvidia-current updates
    should I also uninstall the nvidia settings and nvidia settings updates? in synaptic, the last two have still the serial 295.33, should I wait until they are released for 295.40?

    This problem has been buggin me since I upgraded my system 😦

    • Hi Luis,

      Not, it will write over those. I think that the naming convention is different for the nvidia-current and its updates package, which is why they need to be uninstalled.


      • So, how does it get installed?

        • You’re in luck. If you to into System Settings and Additional Drivers, the new drivers will be installed if you select the one that has (version current-updates) at the end then click on Activate at the bottom right. Before this was updated, you had to manually uninstall the bad drivers and manually install the new ones.

          • I spoke too soon. The driver install and test went pefectly but when using dual monitors I have severe instability and misbehaviour. After some more tinkering, when I go into System Settings -> Additional Drivers, it tells me that no proprietary drivers are in use. But at least I can use both monitors, just no compiz effects and, apparently, being stuck with the standard drivers. When I go into System Settings -> Details -> Graphics, I see two lines: “Driver Intel Sandybridge Mobile” and “Experience Standard”

            Some more tinkering to come later…

  2. Thanks a lot
    This solved the issue and in order to run this do the following
    2: Type
    sudo service lightdm stop
    3: Go to the place where *.run file is downloaded and do the following
    sudo sh

    And after all the installation is done do
    sudo reboot
    Thats all and thanks again for giving this link as it solved my graphics issue on my laptop

    • You’re welcome. I’m happy that your were able to get up and running.

    • Seeing the message from Santosh gave me hope, but it was premature from my part as my copmuter has one of those Optimus card that, according to Nvidia ‘README’ page at the Linux driver downloads page (, is not supported by this version of the driver.


      I had the system working properly with bumblebee and now I will have to redo the bumblebee setup, but I wanted to provide other OPTIMUS users a word of caution first.

      During the dirver installation, I was provided with a warning that read like “WARNING: You do not appear to have an Nvidia GPU supproted by the 302.7 Nvidia Linux Graphics driver installed in this system…” and it went on some more. I’ve hit ‘OK’ to that warining, thinking the installation would abort, but instead it allowed to press forward and completed without errors. Unfortunatelly, upon rebooting, I no longer have 3D capabilities.

      After finishing this post, I will revert all the changes. Hopefully this will avoid someone else’s pain.

  3. hmm after on the 560M after installing 302 driver here, using monitor settings to go into dual monitor mode freezes the machine, and required a hard-reset. Anyone else with dual monitors experience this?

  4. This helped solve my illegible-console problem without my having to reinstall the OS. Thank you.

    • You are very welcome. Thank you for letting us know.

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