Posted by: reformedmusings | February 27, 2012

Sacrificing our children to the false PC gods

Another school shooting. A snarky comment would be to observe that these incidents must be impossible, since it’s illegal to carry a gun into a school. But wait, if someone has murder in their heart, a stupid gun law isn’t even a minor inconvenience. I’ve never read of a murderer who turned around and was thwarted because it was illegal to carry a weapon to his targeted location. It actually works the other way around. Murderers tend to prefer defenseless targets. Schools are particularly soft targets, full of literal sitting ducks.

I’ve been working on a post about Lt Col David Grossman, USA (Ret.), and his presentation on active killer scenarios. Life has kept me from finishing that post yet, but here’s his bottom line. How many kids have died or even been injured in fires in U.S. schools in the last fifty years? Something like zero. Why? because virtually nothing in the school is flammable, there are a zillion sprinklers to douse anything flammable that might slip by, and regular fire drills to get kids out fast just in case. Result? Zero casualties due to school fires. We solved the problem by facing it head-on and applying overlapping solutions. Brilliant? No, just common sense.

Almost unbelievably, the powers that be have taken the exact opposite approach to active killers in schools. Denial. It can’t happen here. We have laws against that. The cops will protect us. The result? Between 1992 and 2000 alone, 240 died of homicides in school shootings, and another 142 between 2000 and 2010. Denial. No armed teachers or administrators. Keep out any armed parents or other armed citizens by slapping them with felonies if they are prepared to help. No defensive drills for students – just teach them all to curl up or beg and wait to be killed. Denial. The myth of gun free zones. They should be called pathological serial killer and predatory violent criminal empowerment zones. But it can’t happen here.

That’s the lie. Rather than apply a proven approach that’s been wildly successful in preventing deaths in school fires, laws have made schools totally defenseless and prime targets for predatory psychopaths. We literally sacrifice our children to the false PC gods rather than face the fact that the world is a dangerous place and armed teachers and citizens can actually save lives like in Pearl, MS, and Appalachia Law School, VA.

Denial. Political Correctness. Stupidity. That’s what’s killing our kids.

Pray for the families affected. Then work to change the stupid laws that make our kids sitting ducks for psychopathic killers in their schools. The life you save may be your own child’s.



  1. In my children’s school, all the teachers carry .45s with hollow point rounds.
    *cough*homeschool*cough*. The only ‘school shooting’ I have to worry about is if the local bear wonders out of the woods while we’re in the yard. If the .45s don’t stop him, the principal has a 12 gauge with slugs… 😉

    • Sounds like an outstanding school! Many of my friends homeschool as well.

      Bet any bear with the poor judgement to wander towards the kids would make a great rug.

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