Posted by: reformedmusings | January 29, 2012

Final nail in Anthropological Global Warming coffin?

Surprise, surprise! Even an ardent AGW proponent, the same folks who destroyed earlier data that contradicted AGW, now admit that the global temperature hasn’t risen in 15 years and the sun may be at fault! The article elaborates on credible evidence that the sun has far greater effect on the earth’s temperature than carbon dioxide (Duh!!!!!). The ocean temperature cycles also have a large effect on the global temperature. There’s even talk of the Thames freezing over like it did in the 17th century.

While the temperature has levelled off, the carbon dioxide continues to rise according to the article. The pro-AGW models predict otherwise, yet those profiting from AGW still maintain that their models are accurate! None of their model predictions for the last decade have come true, yet they cling to the lie.

It looks like real science is finally overtaking AGW mythology. Don’t tell Al Gore. He’s in the middle of his delusional hockey season. Then again, he can always to back to the anthropological global cooling myth of the 1970’s. Whatever sells, eh?



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