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Don’t be a voluntary victim

I’ve been thinking about this post for some time, but my thoughts coalesced recently when the anti-self-defence crowd held their candlelight vigil against gun ownership. The anti-2nd Amendment crowd strikes me as incredibly naive.

The antis constantly say that the police will save you if you are attacked. Just dial 911. In fact, the Supreme Court ruled that the police have no obligation to protect any individual. That means that you and your family’s safety is your responsibility and yours alone. What’s your plan? Curl up in a ball and wait to die? Plead for mercy? Dial 911? What if the police are over 21 minutes away? Just hope that it never happens to you? Hope is not a strategy.

I read a great editorial by David Griffith in Police Magazine which is the best recent treatment of the subject. Griffith takes a great line from Firefly:

“If somebody tries to kill you, you try to kill ’em right back.” That’s a quote from the TV show “Firefly,” but it’s also the American way.

He correctly identifies the core issue:

But now we as Americans have forgotten that brutal bit of wisdom. We have taught our children that it’s wrong to fight for any reason, even their own self-defense. So when someone attacks them, they die helpless hiding under the nearest furniture instead of fighting back.

Griffith’s bottom line is this:

Stop telling people to lie back and be murdered. Americans are a fighting people. Tell them that when their lives are on the line, even if they have no weapons, their only hope is to take it to the thugs. Stop teaching people how to be victims. Teach them how to fight.

Interestingly, he never mentions candles.

The truth is that citizens use firearms over 2.5 million times a year in self-defence, but the vast majority of those times the firearms never need to be fired. Simple presentation of the firearm with clear intent to use it if necessary causes an instant behavior change in a violent predator. Been there, done that, here to tell.

Two real-life examples involve a simple trip to Walmart and a trip to wash a car, both with children to protect. Both ended well because the targeted victims refused to be a victim and took responsibility to protect themselves and their families. These represent but two of 2.5 million such examples. I’m willing to bet that none of the 2.5 million cases each year involve candles.

So, are these 2.5 million or so folks rabid nuts? Brady’s ilk would have you believe so, but that would be a lie. Rather, George says it as well as anyone. They are just mothers, fathers, and older children who refused to simply lie down and die when attached by violent predators.

In fact, the government’s own statistics show that as must-issue concealed carry has become more prevalent in the country, violent crime has continued to decrease. No big surprise, since even violent predators don’t want to be shot.

We have become soft as a country. Many buy into the lie that the government will take care of your needs. They put their trust into a 911 system that will more than likely fail them. They believe the lie that the police MUST protect them, when in fact the police have no such obligation. Even enlightened law enforcement and judges advise people to get a gun and learn how to use it.

Most folks have life insurance, car insurance, wear seat belts, and have fire extinguishers in their kitchens – all wise precautions against things that may never happen. Yet, many of the same people will not take responsibility for the safety of themselves and their families against violent criminal predators. I don’t get it. Maybe they think that hope really is a strategy.

Don’t be a voluntary victim. Take responsibility for your and your family’s safety before something happens that you will spend the rest of your life regretting to the very core of your being. Assuming that you survive.



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