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Laserlyte Laser Trainer System Review

Before Christmas, I saw a blurb in the American Rifleman about the Laserlyte Laser Trainer System. It looked like a pretty slick setup that allows you to dry fire practice and train with your actual firearms while providing excellent feedback on how you’re doing. The military has used MILES for direct-fire training for decades, so the laser concept seemed worthy of consideration. My research found almost unanimously good reviews, so I took the leap.

The system consists ideally of two parts – the laser at the firearm side and the laser-sensitive target.

There are two possibilities for the firearm side of the equation. One is the Laser Trainer Pro (LT-PRO) that fits in the muzzle end of the barrel:

According to Laserlyte, it protrudes by 1/4 inch or less, so shouldn’t interfere with holster work. It’s a very small device that works from .380 to .45ACP by adjusting a black fitting on the back. The rear fitting stabilizes and centers the device in the barrel:

The LT-PRO works by detecting the sound impulse of the hammer falling. The reviews that I read said that it worked pretty well. Its advantage lies in the range of firearms in which it will work, as  long as they have at least a 2 inch barrel. The disadvantage lies in a limitation of its size. It has no on/off switch. When powered, the LT-PRO always listens for the hammer to fall. So, in between uses the user must remove the batteries or put in a small plastic piece that isolates one end of the batteries from the circuit. Otherwise the batteries will drain overnight.

The power issue was more than I wanted to deal with at every practice. So, I elected to go with the caliber-specific cartidge (LTS LT-45 in my case):

These fit into the chamber, held secure and stable by O-rings, and work by emitting a short laser pulse when the firing pin hits primer area at the back of the laser cartridge. It doesn’t need an on/off switch because the circuit only completes when the firing pin pushes in the switch where the primer would be. The cartridge fits tightly in the chamber and requires a dowel or wood pencil to push it out from the muzzle end. I really like this cartridge approach. You could use it by itself against any “target”, or…

The target end of the equation comes through the LTS Target TLB-1:

This device excels in its simplicity. It comes in the box with the back already off to allow the user to install the 3 AA batteries. The back screws are in a little plastic bag taped to the inside of the back. Simply put the batteries in, screw the back on with the provided tool, and turn it on. That’s it.

When the 100 ms laser pulse from the pistol hits the target, it momentarily flashes the hit for immediate feedback, then goes blank. When you are ready to see all the hits, shoot the little Display area below and to the side the main target with the laser. This displays all hits on the target area. Shoot the Reset area on the other side with the laser and it clears all hits. It couldn’t be simpler or more effective. Or fun!

I’ve found the laser trainer system to be very effective. It uses 62 laser-activated LEDs to display the hits, so the “resolution” on the target is a bit limited but more than adequate for the purpose. It’s a great feedback mechanism during dry fire practice to perfect grip, sighting, and trigger techniques. I also use it in low light to practice with night sights, something that can’t usually be done at the range.

Although not dirt cheap, the system saves on ammunition and range costs. I found the laser trainer system at a great price online at Optics Planet, one of my usual haunts. Unlike the range, the system always stands ready whenever time presents itself to practice for a little while. There’s obviously no recoil, so this system simply supplements range practice. But its an excellent and worthwhile supplement, almost like having a target range in your house. I highly recommend it.



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