Posted by: reformedmusings | December 17, 2011

Global warming hoaxters hide the raw data

More truth about the deceit behind global warming. More evidence has come to light on how the purveyors of the big hoax kept the truth from real scientists with real questions. Foxnews reports that American taxpayers paid for data that refuted global warming but that Phil Jones hid from the public.

Science is about replicating others’ results. We saw this when cold fusion could not be indisputably replicated despite all the hype. All scientific theories must have falsifiable hypotheses which can be tested by others. Experimental results must be replicated independently to be accepted. By hiding the adjustments that they made to the raw data and refusing to provide public access to that data which the American taxpayer funded, Jones and his friends spit in the face of real science and American taxpayers.

On a related note, two leading hurricane forecasters admitted that after 20 years, they cannot forecast the coming hurricane season in advance. And global warning hoaxers think that they can predict the world’s climate hundreds of years from now? The models are based on the same underlying physics. Global warming isn’t science, it’s socialist politics pure and simple, designed to bring down the capitalist western civilization.

Don’t be fooled. Demand to see the raw data and independent replication of results. Don’t be fooled by models and the faulty assumptions therein. Demand raw data.



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