Posted by: reformedmusings | October 31, 2011

Fixing Moneydance 2011r2 (803) in Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10

So, I was catching up on the checkbook yesterday, and Moneydance notified me of the availability of a new version. I’ve been using Moneydance for a number of years to handle my finances in Linux. It works great and effortlessly downloads transactions from my bank. I had some initial problems with getting the right java version to make the print routines work correctly, but that was the last problem that I encountered…until yesterday.

Due to the disastrous purchase of Sun by Oracle, and Oracle’s predatory lawsuit over Android, most open source projects are turning their backs on Oracle’s Java in favor of OpenJDK. OpenJDK works fine for most everything, so I haven’t had any issues until now. When I encountered repeatable lock-ups in Moneydance (which is a Java app) yesterday, I didn’t consider the JavaVM as a possible cause. The tech support crew at Moneydance, however, told me to use the Oracle Java. Since the JDK is free, it’s not like I’m materially supporting Oracle. But, no Ubuntu Oneiric repository holds this software by design.

I found excellent guidance on installing Oracle Java into Ubuntu at WikiHow and Web Upd8. I downloaded Oracle Java 7 JDK ) (the tar.gz version) which is the newest developer’s version. You only need the JKD file, not the separate JRE installation because the JRE is included with the JDK. I actually followed the WikiHow instructions, which worked perfectly but left me with a non-standard setup. So, I moved the JDK files over to the the standard setup described in the Web Upd8 instructions and cleaned up the changes I made to /etc/profile. I downloaded Web Upd8’s update-java script rather than setup the repository. After making it executable, it worked perfectly.

So, I recommend using the Web Upd8 procedure if you need to obtain the Oracle Java setup in Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10. You’ll have to check for updates yourself periodically to stay current. But at least Moneydance, and perhaps others, will work in Ubuntu. Perhaps OpenJDK 7 will also work when it’s ready. For now, Moneydance 2011r2 (803) works perfectly.



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