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Fixing Epson Stylus CX7800 print driver issues in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric

The Gutenprint driver for my Epson CX7800 prints OK for regular jobs on plain paper, but it doesn’t provide the vibrancy when printing photos. So, I have been printing photos directly from the card on the printer since the old Avasys drivers quit working several upgrades ago. I noticed that Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric includes the proprietary ESC/P-R drivers for my 7800, but whenever I try to print using them, I get a “/usr/lib/cups/filter/gstoraster failed” error. The included driver version is 1.04.

Exploring the web, I found that Avasys now has completely updated Epson drivers available. These new drivers use a print subsystem called Linux Standard Base (LSB), which happily comes installed in Oneiric. The ESC/P-R driver on the Avasys site is 1.10 as of this writing, so I decided to download and install it.

It turns out that 1.10 does not update/overwrite 1.04 and they will coexist on the system. Once installed, one must select the new driver for the printer. In Oneiric, simply click the icon in the upper right corner of the screen (far right on the panel) and select Printers.

That will call up the Printers window:

Right-click on the Stylus-CX7800 and select Properties:

Click on the Change… button on the Make and Model line:

Epson should be selected, but click on it if it isn’t, then click Forward:

Ensure that your printer is selected on the left, then select the escpr 1.1.0 driver on the right side. You will have to scroll right to see the version number, but it should be selected as the recommended driver by default. Click Forward:

I recommend using the default settings initially in order to provide a clean start. Click apply, then print a test page to ensure that all is well.

This worked great for me, and I can now print great photos from Ubuntu.



  1. […] Once I installed the three Brother packages listed in the screenshot, I changed the selected print driver from postscript to BR3-Script3. After that, everything printed fine. I found some Epson drivers for my SX7800 3-in-one, but they did not work although the gutenprint drivers work perfectly. Go figure. [UPDATE: Epson drivers fixed in this post.] […]


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