Posted by: reformedmusings | October 23, 2011

A kudo for Delta Airlines and TSA

I have not been shy about critiquing what passes for TSA’s leadership and their approach to security theater. Just search this blog using the TSA category selection. However, I’m also quick to give credit where credit is due.

I had a flight delay last week while in Wichita, KS, that would have caused me to miss a succeeding connection, which was the last flight that night to my destination. I absolutely needed to get home that night. Delta called my on-file phone number to announce the delay. I had providentially gone to the airport early, so proceeded directly to the Delta counter, where the agent ascertained the situation and offered me another set of flights that returned me home earlier than my original schedule. She printed out my first boarding pass with a “seat request” and an itinerary.

I proceeded to security to get to my gate and obtain a seat. I didn’t have my glasses on during this whole time (only need them for reading), so the itinerary looked like a boarding pass for the first flight. Without my glasses, I assumed that the other sheet was a boarding pass for the second flight and stuffed it into a jacket pocket. When I presented what I thought was the boarding pass for the first flight to TSA, the nice lady (rightly) questioned the itinerary as a legitimate document and asked her supervisor. The supervisor agreed that I should have a real boarding pass. I explained the flight changes to the supervisor who  said that he would walk all the way back to Delta to clear things up! I offered to go to the counter, but he graciously said that he would go. That was way beyond the call of duty!

The security line wasn’t busy, so  I chatted with the nice lady at the security check point for a while. Everyone was very friendly, and we discussed some of the restaurants around Wichita. The supervisor returned with the boarding pass and I proceeded through security. Delta provided seats on both flights and I made it home that evening.

So, I thank the TSA staff and supervisor in Wichita for their courtesy and assistance. The Delta representative in Wichita also did a great job getting me home that night. I wish that I’d gotten all their names to send to their supervisors, but didn’t think of it during the process.



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