Posted by: reformedmusings | October 13, 2011

Upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric

Well, I assessed Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric as basically what 11.04 should have been when it was released. They’ve had 6 months for us to beta test the new Unity interface. So, I figured that I’d give it a shot early. I saw the release announcement on OMG!Ubuntu!, so took the plunge.

The first barrier was that the Ubuntu U.S. server was hammered. That’s usually the case in the first few days after releasing an upgrade, especially the first day. I used Ubuntu’s distribution updater built into the Update manager. The download rate was about 20k/sec and the time estimate hit 14 hours when I decided on a different approach.

Ailurus has a repository access timer in it. I used it to time a number of U.S. mirrors, mostly on the east coast. I chose the fastest mirror and set Update Manager to use it instead of the generic U.S. server. This time, I hit somewhere around 2+M/sec download rate with the time around 5 minutes. That’s the broadband access for which I’m paying every month! Oneiric took about 15 minutes to install before rebooting.

My system came up as if nothing happened. The upgrade preserved my Compiz desktop setup perfectly, including my cube setup from Natty! One glitch, though. When I use the cube to change desktops, I get a very brief flash of the previous desktop when the new one comes up. I’ll play with the NVidia card settings to see if I can get that to stop. But all effects and the cube execute perfectly.

The only issues I had were related to app updates from the get-deb repository under Natty. The package naming schemes conflicted on both Banshee and VLC. I had to uninstall both of them, deselect the get-deb repository, run sudo apt-get autoremove a few times, refresh the apt cache, then reinstall both programs. All is fine now. I’ll eschew get-deb for now.

I disabled my AWN setup and am playing with Unity for now. I’m really hating the whole typing in the lens thing to get to apps, but I’m telling myself that I’m testing it for now. I installed psensors, which puts an icon on the top panel but doesn’t display any data unless you click on it. I tailored the Unity panel for my uses for now.

Overall, Oneiric seems very stable – much better than Natty ever was. I’m still not thrilled with the Unity interface, but it’s better than it was in Natty. I will post pictures this weekend when I get a chance, but wanted to get this post up quickly to assure folks that Oneiric is indeed ready for prime time!

(Can’t believe that I beat UbuntuLady to this post!)



  1. Get-deb has been kinda quirky for me anyway, but with new names for applications and new dependencies and stuff, it’ll be quirkier yet for awhile I’d bet. I always thought that cube thing was cool! But I never bothered to try it on this old dinosaur. It might “work,” but it would pro’lly slow everything else down.

    Sticking with the LTS releases here. If I had a newer ‘puter I’d experiment with the new stuff just for fun, but it’s the next best thing to read smartly written reviews like yours. Thanks!

    • Yeah, I’ve had mixed experiences w/get-deb, but I like to keep up with the latest app releases. I’m going to cool my heals for now.

      I’ll post on this in more detail, but I found out that I couldn’t print after I wrote this post. It was easy to fix, but weird. Although Oneiric recognized my laser printer, it did not install the correct drivers for it.

      I still have 10.04 LTS on the laptop. The laptop will run Oneiric just fine, but the primary user doesn’t appreciate changes.

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  3. I have the same compiz/desktop cube/rotate cube bug, which seems to be accurately described here. If you have a Launchpad account, it would be helpful if you tagged this bug as affecting you!

    • Hi Peter,

      I do and I did. Thanks for the link!

  4. did you ever get the flash problem fixed because I have it too

    • Thanks for stopping by! If you mean the last desktop momentarily flashing onto the current desktop when changing desktops, no, that isn’t fixed. There was a compiz update after the initial upgrade, but it didn’t fix this issue. I’m still living with it. The bug linked above is a duplicate this bug, which is marked Medium importance but isn’t assigned to anyone to fix.

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