Posted by: reformedmusings | September 4, 2011

Police change story about helping Apple Nazis

Earlier, I relayed the bizarre story of Apple investigators, including one Anthony Colon, impersonating police officers to search a private residence. At the time, police said that they had no record of involvement and were investigating.

Now, police say that four plain-clothes SFPD officers accompanied two Apple investigators to the home, but did not enter the house. Apparently the way the group introduced themselves led the occupants to believe that all were police, when in fact Colon and his henchman weren’t law enforcement at all. According to the home’s occupant, Colon continued to give the impression that he was police. In fact, he was basically a home invader.

So, what’s the truth? That’s anybody’s guess. Police still have no official record of being there. It looks like Apple used their political or financial influence to get four SFPD officers to assist them without filing an official report as required for any official police action. If you lose your cell phone, do you think that you could go to the local PD and get them to stand outside a home while you go in and search it? Go ahead and try it to see how that goes and let me know.



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