Posted by: reformedmusings | April 17, 2011

Transferring notes from PhatNotes on Windows Mobile to Note Everything for Android

Another hassle in switching from the obsolete Windows Mobile to Andriod involved notes. I discussed moving passwords and sensitive data here. Notes proved significantly more difficult.

PhatNotes will export to a CSV or a delimited text file. Note Everything will import a CSV or a series of text files, but there’s a catch. The problem is that PhatNotes’ export file doesn’t conform to any convention. That makes it challenging to transfer the notes to another program. Since I have over 350 notes, I wasn’t looking for a manual process.

I found an import format hint for Notes Everything on SoftXPerience’s website page about importing Palm memos. It noted that only two fields would be imported – the category and the memo text itself in that order.

So, I opened the PhatNotes-exported CSV file with Libre Office’s Calc. I then deleted all the columns except for the category and note text. I made sure that the category appeared in the first column and note in the second, then saved the file as a CSV text file and transferred it to my phone.

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: Note Everything will not import the file if any entry’s cell in the category column is empty. I had one note that had nothing in its category cell, not even Unfiled. I have no idea how that happened. But, Note Everything choked every time that I tried to import the file. I finally broke the file into about six parts to narrow the issue, which I eventually discovered. If you sort ascendingly by the category column, any blank cells will at the top of the list.

In Note Everything, I selected Menu -> More -> Import, then Import from Palm memos. Browse to the CSV you copied over to your phone and tap on Pick. Note Everything will then import your notes.

Note that in this process you will lose the creation and modification dates for all your notes. So, if you like to sort them by currency like I usually do, that will be lost until you start modifying them in Note Everything.

In the end after hours of searching and trial and error, I succeeded in transferring all my notes over to my Android phone. Hopefully you can benefit from my experience.



  1. So, are you happy with Note Everything? I’m still looking for the replacement to Phat Notes. Would be interested in your opinion.

    • Thank you for stopping by!

      Yes, I am. I don’t use notes as much as I did in the Palm days, but the free version of Note Everything does everything that I need. I can even create widgets for specific notes, which is very helpful to me.

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