Posted by: reformedmusings | April 17, 2011

Convert your Spb Wallet data to KeePassDroid for Android

Moving across mobile platforms always involves some pain. Moving from Windows Mobile to Android proved no different. How does one get data from your old device to your new one when virtually none of the apps cross those platforms? In the case of calendars, contacts, and tasks, Google is your friend. But for your passwords? Somewhat harder.

KeePassX for Linux provides an excellent Open Source solution to keeping passwords and sensitive data handy and secure. There’s also a KeePassDroid for Android that uses exactly the same database file format on your Android phone. The only catch was how to get my data from Spb Wallet to KeePass.

Providentially, Gerald Naveen solved that problem by writing a python script to handle the conversion. First you have to export your Spb Wallet data to a text file. Then simply run the python script on the exported text file. Any fields that don’t have correspondence in KeePass are placed in the notes field. Python comes in most Linux distributions and versions are available for other platforms.

This worked great for me. The  categories didn’t come out cleanly, but KeePassX supports drag-and-drop so getting what I wanted only took a few minutes. I not only have replaced Spb Wallet on my new phone, but also gained a parallel solution in Ubuntu Maverick. Sweet.

Many thanks to Gerald for solving this issue and streamlining the movement from the obsolete Windows Mobile to the up-and-coming Android platform.



  1. […] hassle in switching from the obsolete Windows Mobile to Andriod involved notes. I discussed moving passwords and sensitive data here. Notes proved significantly more […]

  2. I’ve tried almost all the password managers and switched frequently until I found LastPass. It is cross platform and work on almost every OS and device. It’s about as secure as possible and as simple as can be. Worth checking out if you haven’t already.

  3. did you have any way more simple . I don’t know Python and I can’t use Python on Ubuntu

  4. And i found a new way to use spb wallet on android with the old database file (.swl): That is to install spb wallet windows pc version on the laptop (or pc). After successing to install the spb wallet, load the spb wallet file .swl (from the windows mobile phone), enter the password and jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. succeed! And i got all my saved data
    and then just backup the database to a location on the laptop (pc). The last step is to copy this backup file to my android phone and restore all these data.

    It seems to be simple but i spent a day for this stuff!

    If anyone need help or need the spb wallet on android or spb wallet on PC, please don’t hesitate to send me an email to: or
    i may also upload those files one my website:

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