Posted by: reformedmusings | March 13, 2011


Inception has been out of theaters for a while. I should have written this a while ago, but was too busy to do so.

Inception is by far the best movie of the last year. It’s deep, intriguing, and proceeds at a blistering pace. The theme of the nature of reality and the dividing line between reality and dreams is one of my favorites.

The general idea is that DiCaprio’s character has a way to steal information from someone by manipulating their dreams and intervening in them. It’s a bit reverse-Matix-like in that regard, but much more involved. DiCaprio concocts a highly complex scheme – going to third level dreams to extract information. Part of the complication is that time unfolds at ever-increasing speeds at deeper dream levels. Time coordination across dream levels provides quite a challenge.

Oh, and there’s DiCaprio’s personal issues that color the dreams and add interesting twists. The interrelationship between memories and dreams play out in a mind-bending architectural/adventure setting. The threads of ideas and consequences come fast and furious.

The visuals match the grandeur of the concept. Properly conveying a story like this visually would be impossible without CGI, and Inception delivers here as well.

Oh, I’ve left a few key details out the play heavily in the plot, but I don’t do spoilers. I’ll just say that the ending is perfect.

If you haven’t seen Inception, by all means rent or buy the DVD. Then fasten your seatbelt and try to keep up.



  1. […] The open source community never fails to amaze me with their ingenuity. And Serenity was a great movie! It really ties up the loose ends from the excellent but short-lived Firefly show. (I reviewed Inception here.) […]

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