Posted by: reformedmusings | February 12, 2011

Epson PIPS drivers revisited in 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Well, I achieved 95% operational capability after my hard drive upgrades as noted in this previous post. One of the last things that I alway do is install the Epson Photo Image Print System (PIPS) drivers for my Stylus CX7800. The native gutenprint drivers just don’t output the best picture quality, so I alway go for the native Epson PIPS drivers. I went over the details in this post of the basic installation under 32-bit Ubuntu. I then updated that for 64-bit Ubuntu here, but I made a mistake during that installation which I fix in this post. I followed all that in my latest installation, but I still couldn’t print.

When installing the PIPS drivers from the deb file I created with alien as explained in the previous posts, the installation encountered errors. It couldn’t fix two dependencies: libglib1.2ldbl and libgtk-1.2. I was able to find the former library and installed it from the terminal:

sudo aptitude install libglib1.2ldbl

I could not find libgtk-2.1. Apparently the driver packages aren’t being updated as the Linux libraries are upgraded. However, only the separate print monitoring application uses that library, so I went with it.

After following all my directions carefully plus installing the missing library, I still couldn’t print. It turns out that because the installation didn’t technically succeed, it never ran the printer installation script at the end. I found this out by going through the deb archive and looking for likely culprits and found the setup script. Here’s my terminal session running the setup script (bash prompts in green, my typing in blue):

bob@bob-ubuntu:~$ cd /usr/local/EPKowa/SCX7700/scripts
bob@bob-ubuntu:/usr/local/EPKowa/SCX7700/scripts$ sudo ./


Photo Image Print System

Setup script

Please select locale to use.
Select : en ja
(english) > [hit Enter]
It starts to set up of Photo Image Print System.
If this product does not set up, it does not operate correctly.

Please specify the connection of a printer.
() > /dev/usb/lp1
Please specify the printer name when it is using by lpr.
() > Stylus-CX7700
Setup is complete. Is it saved?
(Yes/no) > Yes
The following files were changed.

The following directories were created.

It saved. Setup is complete.
Start /usr/local/EPKowa/SCX7700/setup to change setup.

bob@bob-ubuntu:/usr/local/EPKowa/SCX7700/scripts$ sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart
* Restarting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd

Note that their English isn’t all that great, but I knew what they meant. After restarting CUPS as indicated, the PIPS drivers worked perfectly. Apparently the only thing that I was missing from my initial installation was the spooler directory. Now I know for next time.


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