Posted by: reformedmusings | December 11, 2010

Global warming evidence still MIA

The Daily Mail has a great article relating that goes beyond the statements of the usual suspects pushing the anthropologic global warming hype. The Mail looked at the underlying data and exposed the lies:

Actually, with the exception of 1998 – a ‘blip’ year when temperatures spiked because of a strong ‘El Nino’ effect (the cyclical warming of the southern Pacific that affects weather around the world) – the data on the Met Office’s and CRU’s own websites show that global temperatures have been flat, not for ten, but for the past 15 years.

They point out that a year ago, the alarmists hyped:

The mean world temperature for 2010, it announced, ‘is expected to be 14.58C, the warmest on record’ – a deeply worrying 0.58C above the 1961-1990 average.

Too bad for Al Gore that they were dead wrong. I guess that they expected everyone to forget their stupid predictions. The winter of 2009-2010 stands as one  of the coldest on record, with 2010-2011 predicted to be the worst in 1,000 years. Already, 28 have died in Europe this winter (60 by other counts) from the extreme cold. Europe has been slammed with snow and airline cancellations, and it’s only early December. Another huge storm is headed across the U.S.

Winter in South America this year proved disastrous, with at least 82 dead from the extreme coldThe cold killed millions of fish in Bolivia. Over 2,700 cattle died as well.

Now I’m waiting for the environmental wackos to resurrect the global cooling lies they purveyed in the 1970’s. The wackos continue to make hay with pretend catastrophes to keep themselves and their sick causes in the news. It’s pure arrogance to think that humans cause everything that happens on this planet. When will we wake up and realize that the Earth goes through cycles of change and that we humans are just along for the ride.

But then, so-called “climate researchers” would have to actually do honest work for a living. As opposed to hanging out in the coldest temperatures in Cancun in 100 years. Irony, eh.



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