Posted by: reformedmusings | December 6, 2010

Corsair CPMPSU-650TX 650 watt power supply

I run my PC 24/7. I use Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 to serve up the household printers and network the Dell Ubuntu laptop for backup purposes, so turning off my PC isolates the laptop. When we go out of town, I turn off all electrical appliances possible, including the computer and the APC UPS. That’s exactly what I did before leaving for a Thanksgiving trip.

Upon returning, I first turned on the UPS. That resulted in a loud crackling sound and the mixed smells of ozone and burning insulation. My computer’s 500 watt RaidMax power supply fried itself before I even turned on the PC. Dead in the water and off the Net for a while. Ouch.

In seeking a replacement, I found the Corsair 650 watt PSU both well reviewed and on sale at Newegg, perhaps because it was Cyber Monday. I opted for the free, guaranteed 3-day UPS shipping and Newegg’s rush processing in order to get the PSU (power supply unit) by the weekend. Newegg indeed rushed the order and UPS delivered in just two days.

I also picked the Corsair because several reviews mentioned that it had long cables and lots of connectors. I have a tower gaming case and had to use y-cables as extenders plus had some tight stretches with the RaidMax PSU. I could have gone with a new modular unit, but elected to go with the longer cables. The Corsair has lots of other desirable features about which you can read here.

The Corsair arrived in an a sturdy shipping box, plus the PSU’s came well protected in its original product box. The Corsair even came wrapped in a cloth bag! It installed quickly and its cables proved plenty long enough to reach the bottom SATA hard drives. I had plenty of connectors left over for expansion, so I retired my y-cables. Corsair thoughtfully provided a large plastic tie for the main body of cables plus a small bag of ties for smaller bundles. After the simple installation, the computer cranked up and has been running (quietly) ever since.

If you need or want a new or more powerful power supply for your PC, I can heartily recommend the Corsair CPMPSU-650TX.



  1. […] not what I had in mind. At this point, with all the SATA and power cables (still plentiful from the Corsair 650 watt power supply), the big case is getting to be a pretty dense rats […]

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