Posted by: reformedmusings | November 21, 2010

Al-Qaeda get it, TSA loses and takes America with it

OK, one development brought me back for one more post on the TSA. In this post, I compared TSA’s bankrupt security theater to the early battle against IEDs in Iraq. The enemy there spent next to nothing to create extremely effective low-tech weapons. The “in-the-box” solution that JIEDDO pursued involved ever more expensive technology, and they spend billions doing just that. They bought into an economic and operational death spiral. There’s no way to out-tech an enemy that adapts in weeks and thus operates well inside our OODA loop. That’s a well-recognized strategy for defeat. Eventually the senior DoD leadership stopped the bleeding and forced a change of strategy that emphasized good, actionable intelligence with quick follow-up.

Well, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula remembered that lesson from Iraq. They just released a communique that promised a death by a thousand paper cuts. TSA’s approach to this point plays right into the enemy’s hands, spending billions and destroying the Constitution while doing nothing to increase security against the enemy’s next $4,200 plan. TSA is destroying the very freedoms that they were created to protect and bankrupting the country in the process. Congratulations, geniuses.

Maybe now some elected official will have the un-fondled ‘nads to order TSA and DHS to adopt the cost-effective and sustainable Israeli security model which, rather than chasing the last threat with expensive, worthless toys, provides a threat-independent, quickly-adaptable approach. If not, elections are always just around the corner.


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