Posted by: reformedmusings | November 20, 2010

TSA – The illusion of air travel security

The man who designed El Al’s security’s assesses the TSA’s illusion of security here. The keys to security are ferreting out bad people, not “bad things”. That takes good intelligence, prompt follow-up to good intelligence, and engagement with passengers. Keeping scissors and pocket knives out of the hands of law-abiding citizens does not enhance security. But, it does allow you to hire otherwise unemployable folks that you hope will form unions to support the Democrats forever.

Some will argue that we cannot do here what El Al does because they have far fewer flights and airports to cover. Wrong answer. Look at the billions we spend now and will spend in TSA’s lunacy. We could train many times more interviewers with college degrees that we’ll ever need for that kind of money. But, it won’t make lobbyists and former DHS chiefs rich like worthless strip-search scanners will. Nor will it pad the ranks of unions.

People who don’t know better and some who should, like the head of DHS and TSA, say that they’ll do what’s necessary to make airline travel safe. They’re lying. Taking naked pictures of grandma and toddlers, or fondling them in felon-level frisks, doesn’t make us safer. If they were really trying improve safety and security, we’d have implemented an El Al-like system decades ago.

Remember, TSA has NEVER caught a terrorist at an airport “security” line in its decade of existence. While we waste billions more trying to catch the last pantie bomber, the Islamic terrorists already have that system beat. Then what? Body cavity searches for children? What will it take for Americans to wake up and realize they’ve been had?



  1. Quoted For Truth.

    This rocks.

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